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8 sex are secret: Bubble of house property of? of danger of the man that check p

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Secret one: Development business and local government did not conspire to push tall house price

Reporter: The closest period of time, upsurge as house price and be opposite those who invest overheat is anxious, a lot of people put forward to censure to local government, think local government goes after GDP blindly, conspire to turn tall house price, set back with estate business central macroscopical adjusting control is waited a moment. How do you look to this?

Zhang Wei greets (column) : I do not agree with this viewpoint. Going after GDP to grow is not a problem. If GDP growth is a problem, that is very simple, which place GDP grows quickly, the official of which place dismissed to be over. But want to know, GDP follows gross value of industrial output different, it is not careless investment, production comes out to be moved in storehouse possible, should sell go out to just go. If we hope economic actual strength of the country has a place more on the world, people living standard rises ceaselessly, GDP growth is must.

Say local government and estate business drive up house price, it is shirk responsibility completely. A lot of people say period of time before house price is too high, common people cans not afford a room, so central ministries and commissions gave a lot of policy, ask for example 70% build 90 smooth rice is the following in cheap house, firm land is examined and approve etc. But look in me, these policy are a kind of attitude greatly. Since common people blames house price, so I am aimed at house price formulate a policy, show I care masses, enough. As to can solve a problem, do not have serious consideration at all.

You think, chinese city changes development so fast, the government tightens up land to supply even, how can house price rise? If you fear common people cans not afford a room, should take out more land, more money come, build cheap technically to hire a room to live to the poor. Wanting to buy a room to help a poor buy a house through confining wealthy person is impossible. This is some government sectors actually in shirk responsibility; Shirk responsibility while, want to enlarge influence again. And the official of formulate policy fathoms the intent above even, and on the particular situation that faces estate market understands impossibly very much again, so final decision-making often build go up in very confused information base, as a result at flaw 100, act in a way that defeats one's purpose.

Secret 2: House price fell we are very miserable

Zhong Wei (column) : Quan  takes an examination of?2 drop inside the month 30% , the bad loan of real-estate industry may be stimulated rise 1.02 trillion, the bad capital rate of the bank will rise 3.2 percent; To the government character, the burden that increases from this is equivalent to the Construction Bank, medium change all right make the total expenditure that appear on the market; To the dweller character, be equivalent to the domestic worth of 14% be being evaporated roughly. Be equivalent to the domestic worth of 14% be being evaporated roughly..
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