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The most large-scale fall room exhibits meeting October to perform, in showing f

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365 landed nets report:

A few days ago, from the latest news that the organizing committee transmits, trade fair of estate of autumn of Nanjing of · of 2007 China Jiangsu already completed action trade the first round. In business of this round of action, already much home develops business company to express a ginseng to exhibit intent or ginseng to postpone a plan. As we have learned, in current autumn hand in on the meeting, will have the high-quality goods building that many brands land agent makes dish roll out.

"Trade fair of Chinese Nanjing estate " be in charge of a branch in the industry such as bureau of canal of Nanjing town house support energetically and below attention, since 1995, already had taken 10 many year, held more than 20 in all. Congress passes old development and exploration, it is increasingly mature to exhibit meeting organization, dimensions expands ceaselessly, join the year after year that postpone business to increase. Make every room is exhibited meeting all can assemble the estate with newest, the biggest impact develops large quantities of one delegate Nanjing project, reflected adequately market of Nanjing area estate grows a condition at that time, become the barometer of real-estate industry and thermometer truly, already formed the social heat of specific period, can cause industry market and social popular attention extensively to spend.

Trade fair of estate of current Nanjing autumn, it is dimensions of Nanjing second half of the year the biggest estate major is exhibited meeting, exhibition place is set in Nanjing international to exhibit a center house of 2 A, B, C, place signing up is 5 hill of Nanjing city an abundant collects an edifice 1803 rooms. Estate newspaper of company of magazine of net of 365 landed household, China estate, China, " Nanjing building city " , Jiangsu TV station " city wall bulletin " , 18 channel " punctuation says a room " , Nanjing economy stage " Wu Jing sees a room " wait for many 30 media to serve as congress.

Autumn exhibit during the meeting, besides the building dish outside revealing, return meeting thrust deep into the enemy forces to aim to serve the person that buy a house " hall of a lecture given to a large number of students of the citizen that buy a house " wait for a series of activities, at the appointed time, the organizing committee can invite industry expert, scholar, relevant orgnaization, enterprise is represented, the spot disseminates the knowledge that buy a house, rich exhibit meeting content, undertake problem of difficulty of the person that buy a house is solved, serve and help the broad citizen that buy a house. "Hall of a lecture given to a large number of students of the citizen that buy a house " exhibit as all previous room meeting one big characteristic, from hold first approbate extensively with respect to what got citizens. In addition, by Nanjing estate development construction promotes meeting, network still collective organization of net of research organization, 365 landed household holds 2007 Nanjing " landed cup " soccer invitational tournament also will be held ceremoniously. At the appointed time, come from a city to leave, bureau of 10 thousand divisions, Ren Heng, gold radical, land, 365 nets, Lang Shi, medium 16 the sea team that develop a company, the football league matches that launchs nearly 2 months when be.
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