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City of building of the end of the year changes much home to the building sadly

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Morning paper reports yesterday " below big ox city many buildings dish appear " slow-moving " " hind, inside and outside of course of study an in an uproar. Many readers are hit into the hot line to express, actually they also feel in the recent experience that buy a house, if envisage medium baking temperature to heat up,a lot of houses are not. A landed website of Nanjing is right recently this town building dish favourable information has statistic, as a result discovery has 18 buildings at least dish had rolled out privilege early or late in the near future, and extent amounts to 600 yuan highestly / square metre.

Much home building dish ahead of schedule open quotation appears on the market

The Nanjing building city below noise of credit close reduction is changing sadly. Last weekend, nearly 10 new Laolou such as mountain villa of big residence of hill of grand meaning new city, the 7th highway, gold, kylin dish roll out room source in succession, let once " cover dish of cherish carry out " the building city that holds the mainstream becomes lively for a short while rise. Mouth of river peaceful branch road a building dish the selling manager expresses, since constrictive room will borrow the Central Bank on September 27, the much home Lou Panjun that includes them inside changed open quotation time, "The end of the year prepares to perhaps leave next year previously, shifted to an earlier date now " . The personage also plaints related office of the estate on Nanjing net, compare 89 month " not throw the troops into battle " , business of development of period of time is apparent and crazy recently many.

Afore-mentioned personages express, go up in the net from them fair show get the building that opens to booking licence dish can see, will arrive in October time of a current many month, development business gets the speed that opens to booking licence to be quickened apparently. Because be opposite,heart of building city later period puts doubt, afraid market gets lost from now on, real estate of net main rooms shows, in October up to now Nanjing already had 57 buildings such as China door garden, Lang Shiguo border early or late dish licence of the sale that get. A landed research organization is to forecast more, still have 25 buildings at least to the end of the year from now dish appear on the market open quotation.

Dozen lose sales promotion, room value is maximum can little 60 thousand

Building dish appear on the market in succession the vane that allows the market transforms further, partial building dish begin to roll out favourable measure. Website of Nanjing focus estate is opposite this town building dish the discovery when favourable information has not complete count, what extent differs is roll out to hit after there are 18 Lou Panxian at least inside a month lose privilege. Among them of discount lowest for 99 fold, amount to 600 yuan highestly / square metre. And fractionize these favourable buildings dish, give priority to with river north again, according to statistic, 36 Lou Panzhong that open quotation of opening of near future riverside is making work, have 9 buildings dish gave out the privilege of different level, the city of profit of Su Ning overhead of the highest north that it is the bridge. Personnel of carry out building says, the near future registers total but little 50 thousand - 60 thousand, amount to arrives monovalent, highest but privilege 600 yuan / square metre.
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