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Secondhand next year of room room price or reduce 10%-15%

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Central Plains real estate studies the report says next year hopeful reduces 10%-15%

Media reports continuously " the netizen informs against building of bedding bag of 7 big deepness dish " , " the capital that fry a building flows to Hong Kong " hind the attention that causes citizen and house property trade, li Yaozhi of former landed general manager expresses city of building of Zhen of first-order to falling Duan Shen to keep careful and hopeful in, he offers this orgnaization to media estate of 2007 year Shenzhen considers to report, among them a few data can judge city of next year building to have referenced effect to everybody probably.

With skill room similar, central Plains real estate studies the report shows, secondhand room sale the four seasons spends experience cold current, clinch a deal not only the quantity is decreased greatly, and all valence 15080 yuan from 3 quarters / 13542 yuan when square metre drops to be spent to the four seasons / square metre. Report medium data makes clear, accompanying clinch a deal the volume falls defeat quickly, investment scale begins to appear to drop apparently, the person the house is bought in clinching a deal December is used at investing scale to be occupied only 4% the left and right sides.

Macroscopical adjusting control attachs most importance to the government especially should

Secondhand the room also was experienced 2007 develop like a switchback, first half of the year the price from December 2006 8984 yuan of the portion / square metre rises for this year 14572 yuan of June / square metre, amplitude is as high as 62% , the part is high-grade building dish go up already exceeded 9 to become even, house price forces continuously Hong Kong, let people be appreciated again " Shenzhen speed " .

And will begin July, regard the market as juridical government sector, for price of adjusting control house, blow invests behavior, published all sorts of policy often. As the play of policy action, will begin the market to enter August wait-and-see period, clinch a deal the volume falls defeat quickly, investment sex demand decreases considerably, "Jin Jiuyin 10 " in former days elegant demeanour also disappears danger, will mix in November still will be in in December low move, rate of market get warm again after a cold spell is very slow. Compare with the fervent occasion photograph first half of the year, shenzhen of second half of the year is secondhand room market appears frozen all the more.

The report points out, shenzhen house price from 2005 up to now of average increase rate and GDP increase rate than already exceeding 2. The bubble early-warning line of 0, sub room of United States of together with near future borrows the inflation of the crisis and home, the possibility with undone bubble is larger and larger, and right now policy of macroscopical adjusting control appears important especially.

Next year is secondhand house price may continue to reduce
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