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Development of area of dilate of region of Beijing finance block upgrades

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Recently, beijing on the west government of the city zone announces formally external, financial market extends plan to already was approved through Beijing government, extend the job to be about to spread out in the round. Press new program, financial market will extend core area above all, it is a foundation with original 1.18 square kilometer, eastwards, on the west, south extend kilometer of about 1.41 square, make core area area achieves 2.59 square kilometer.

However, compared with CBD, ZhongGuanCun two large area, the supply of high-grade apartment measures periphery of financial block region opposite weaker, cannot satisfy requirement well. According to high power international newest data shows, up to group of trade of CBD of the 2nd quarter had high-grade apartment to put an amount 2007 17346, zhongGuanCun 10564, and financial market is 2757 only. The personage inside course of study points out, the farther dilate of financial market will be deployed to the high-grade apartment of this one area raise taller requirement.

Area development upgrades

The patulous plan of financial market shows, main incorporate into one's own forces is located in develop area east the office building such as the headquarters of Bank of China of Xidan crossing, the area is extended to receive south be located in the edifice facing a market to Chang'an Street, the area is extended on the west outspread to the ceremony person road east side area. Street agency discloses financial market, financial market is original enterprise 1340, among them financial company 72. After expanding, the enterprise that handles official bussiness in financial market will achieve 9376, among them financial company 148.

Look from international experience, regard the office of a concentration as the area, commercial form a complete set is indispensible not only, and the financial division with the more famous international, need high quality commerce form a complete set and good service facilities more. Will integratedly look, these financial centers have a common characteristic: Gather besides financial tycoon company, besides the financial society that forms an opposite independence, its shop, the service such as traffic, afforest, accommodation, environmental protection, communication also is top-ranking.

Be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei is in Beijing estate market reviewed 2007 with in looking into a report, point out, from 2007 since, financial market area is encouraged by governmental policy, integral area environment, form a complete set is increasingly mature, hand in aperient nimble and office building hardware to rise ceaselessly. The attention rate to office building of financial market area rises orgnaization of foreign capital finance gradually, many large orgnaizations undertake often making an on-the-spot investigation to project of this area office building.

And the financial market that serves as as sufficient as ZhongGuanCun and CBD3 tripartite balance of forces in Beijing, apartment and residential form a complete set plan in its after further expansion, show have too many problems to deal with quite. More enterprises enter territory of prospective finance block, boss of look forward to of large illicit of the senior staff that also will bring more and more foreign nationality companies to expedite, home waits for high-ranking layer personage, to circumjacent and high-grade house the demand of place is sure to increase subsequently.
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