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Two ground of Beijing Shanghai are secondhand in pairs of house building city "

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The new year's day 2008, having the sense of a connecting link between the preceding and the following. What year end comes on stage is drive last year to add breath, room to borrow new politics a series of banking measure such as complement, make the wait-and-see mood of the end of the year " outspread " arrived this year the beginning of the year. Be in Shanghai and Beijing two big cities, secondhand room market in pairs " enter a winter " .

The data that according to Beijing Central Plains the research center provides department of 3 class market shows, 2008 new year's day during holiday hang out one's shingle room source amount than the corresponding period grew somewhat last year, go up for 6.63% ; Annulus comparing grew 7.36% . And secondhand commodity house is in 2008 new year's day of holiday clinch a deal quantity, dropped compared to the same period however 12.56% . The reporter is informed from inquiry of net of Beijing estate buying operation, 2008 new year's day inside holiday, autograph of the residence on period room net makes an appointment with a cycle of songs in a traditional opera than 2007 the corresponding period, dropped 32.38% .

From Beijing secondhand in light of room market data, although new year's day is false during, passenger source respect grows somewhat compared to the same period, go up for 8.06% , and annulus comparing grew 6.88% . Should think, market demand exists as before. But because policy is affected, and the left and right sides of vicissitude of the market of other city house property such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, bring about consumer wait-and-see mood is serious, clinch a deal actually the volume is not high.

And be in Shanghai, from last year since October, be in grumous wait-and-see atmosphere all the time in. Clinch a deal according to what Chinese eaves real estate offers the system shows, on the Shanghai December secondhand the room clinchs a deal quantity annulus compares atrophy 10% the left and right sides, and this kind of wait-and-see mood has during new year's day add without decrease.

Review Shanghai secondhand room market last year data, up to the end of the year, of whole town hang out one's shingle room source already achieved 81265, gross area is nine million seven hundred and fifty-one thousand eight hundred square metre. From the point of integral market, secondhand of the room clinch a deal speed appears slower. During new year's day, besides the part already near the orbit traffic line of be open to traffic the market somewhat besides get warm again after a cold spell, other most area all is immersed in " valence does not have city " condition.

Analyst of real estate of Shanghai Chinese eaves points out, although the policy of macroscopical adjusting control of the end of the year is gentle, but the psychological effect that gives customer is apparent still. Great majority consumer preference manages money wait-and-see, it is under influence of this kind of atmosphere, "Landlord hangs out his shingle sell one's own things appears very careful. "Landlord hangs out his shingle sell one's own things appears very careful..
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