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Jing of Guangzhou the eastpart part shows intelligence to convert office buildin

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Because the edifice is brand-new,show Lou Hehao China decorate, although use,the client can be rented namely, at present the project handles official bussiness atmosphere more hasten is grumous, add project periphery express of branch of Wu of bank, hotel, industrial and commercial duty, business affairs, office pressworks wait for business affairs office form a complete set is very perfect, raise company vocational level effectively. As we have learned, the client that garrisons at present theres is no lack of well-known company, wait like Chinese agriculture bank, and TNT content sheds company, trading company, yuan the industry client such as oily products company also takes the lead in grabbing halt inferior edifice of steel business affairs handles official bussiness, the business affairs foreground of the high-grade office building of operation of low cost of Guangzhou the eastpart part is valued generally.

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