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Bridal chamber is checked and accept cannot insensible element

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Housing adornment is decorated finishing hind, check and accept close indispensable. Owner undertakes checking and accept to the project, the standard is to decorate a contract, the construction graph that owner signs and country are opposite about the branch the relevant document that decorates project quality inspection, specific and main undertake checking and accept from the following respects:

Furniture: Line line of fluent, heal, horn line and face plate interface push-pull of drawer of ark of close-grained, smooth, door semmetry of smooth, shake handshandle is beautiful.

Power line: Circuit laid should accord with construction regulations and safe level, socket is apart from the ground not under 30CM, 3 lines electrical outlet ground wire, kitchen and air conditioning circuitry want laid of special railway line, how does total brake contain prevent switch of leakage of electricity, installation of lamps and lanterns is firm.

Door window: Switch freely, doorcase, window frame and vitreous periphery are sealed and good.

The ground: Level of even, reticle, perpendicular, floor spreads clarity of floor tile level off, grain, colour and lustre solid divide evenly of smooth, flat-fell seam colour and lustre of straight, paint is consistent, without nick.

Metope: Wall paper is stickup be identical of complete, decorative pattern, edge seams rigor of firm, juncture, design orderly the edge that do not have wool, coating is even level off, concave and convex feeling, colorless poor, do not drop ash.

Give catchment establishment: Feed pipe does not have leakage, switch valve movement is favorable; Catchment unobstructed, without phenomenon of leakage, seeper.

Paint: Lacquer face good, enough oil measures smooth, handle, without nailhole, sweep mark, burr and chromatism.

Anyhow, bridal chamber is checked and accept should careful, had better open all light sources first, lest produce needless trouble in the future.

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