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Price difference installs emulsioni paint of true and false nearly 7 times times

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This station dispatch:

Grow day and day as what the home holds company amount, the competition between the person of the same trade also sends drive more, a lot of domestic outfit companies and guerrilla hit low advertisement to come in succession for loot market " attract " consumer, during uncommon company of outfit having the home is used " low turtleneck " , the ill will in fail to report sth of quotation little newspaper, construction increases a profit that waits for means to assure his. However, this station edits a few days ago from understanding arrives over there concerned personage, go up in adornment material make an issue of also is these guerrilla and company of a few outfit's customary maneuver.

Carpentry board price difference is big consumer should be differentiated carefully

Save disappear according to Jiangsu assist Gong Tingxi weighs stationmaster of adornment supervisory station, a lot of guerrilla and the material that do not agree in the material that the domestic outfit company of sincere letter sends owner the home and contract are different, and both the price difference between is tall however breathtaking.

"Take carpentry board for, the cheapest on market every pieces want 40 money only, and better want 140 yuan / piece. " Gong Tingxi says, go up from the surface in light of, two kinds of bat do not have what distinction, if consumer wants discerned word to need to cut rift, the bine of arboreous main force that the forked tongue of a snake that sees plank is a standard or second dry bine, still be used bark material, complementary makings and leftover pieces, have more very person with the inserts that curiums bind of wood chip, sizy, gesso serves as plank together, its not only not environmental protection cost is very low also.

Additional, notable is, although the fuse of plank is used, is log, there also is a difference between, the most general now is to use what Yang Mu and fir make board inside core, and plank of best Yang Mu core is 80 are controlled / piece, and every Zhang Ye with fir the poorest core must want 80. To this, he points out, yang Mu core is white, and fir core is wine, will look from grain, the grain of Yang Mu core is not apparent, and the grain of fir core not only apparent and stammer is more also.

Paint, electrical wiring is used makings price difference also cannot be ignored

Divide this and outside, the family is decorated in if necessary data approves be bored with child used French chalk, electrical wiring, emulsioni paint also exist with the circumstance that expects different price difference is bigger. Gong Tingxi citing says, poor French chalk has 2-3 piece money only a bag, and want 13 above well, good electrical wiring (take 2.5 square line to be exemple) want 300 hank, 100 poor do not arrive.

"French chalk is finer better, had jumped over in vain more, and to electrical wiring, brand of poor report on-line and model exert all his strength with the hand it is OK to wipe erase, and good electrical wiring is very difficult efface. " Gong Tingxi says.
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