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Basic common sense is checked and accept after stair is decorated

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A good stair, want not only beautiful and durable, return the should biggest person that change the ground to let use to feel comfortable, among them the processing of detail, affect the quality of oneself likewise.

Material of use environmental protection: Forgetting stair also is by " material " of composition, this are very easy by person oversight, do not let stair brandish issue harmful to the person chemical material.

Noise wants small: Stair wants not only strong, safe, beautiful, it still ought not to have given out big noise when use. Walk in the place on stair to give out " Dong, Dong " sound often is very terrible, be in especially in the still of night when. The material of the noise of stair and step plate is qualitative and integral design is relative, also matter with the join between each components.

Eliminate acute angle: All component Ying Guang of stair is slippery, fruity, did not highlight, acerb part, the person that lest be opposite,use is caused innocently harm. Just think, wearing skirt when ladies, fairy popularly waves go upstairs, go in front, give however from the back be hanged, what kind of vision result can you produce?

The changes in temperature of armrest: If use a metal to regard the baluster of stair as armrest, manufacturer of so best requirement does processing in metallic surface, be in especially northward, the metal feels in the iciness when winter, can let a person particularly uncomfortable.

Construction wants quick, convenient: Choice stair chooses the installation way of stair even. Quick, convenient installation is in benignantly to you and neighbour. The meeting in using the process that convenient installation way is installing reduces noise and dust to lowermost rate. And the stair that need solders is existing in installing a process safe hidden trouble, odour and dust also are the pollution to living in an environment.

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