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Cruel decorate bury next safety 3 big hidden trouble

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Not long ago, building of one family member produces Beijing some university decorate a worker to be bungled to die incident. When the accident, a worker prepares the one side wall of get through toilet, unexpectedly wall body collapses suddenly, be bungled its the wall to fall. This shows, the issue that cruel outfit build and repair becomes project quality hidden trouble is very much, as we have learned, all sorts of accidents such as the fire that produces in building of our country townsman, it is partly greatly very by cruel decorate the snake in the grass that leave to cause. Although do not appear malign accident, cruel decorate the service life that also can affect a building badly. In addition, a lot of decorate material poisonously to still can pollute indoor environment badly, damage the health of people. Accordingly, the family is decorated should take building construction safety, fire prevention seriously highly electric safety and environmental safety 3 decorate safe problem greatly.

Hidden trouble 1 tear open bear of floor of accentuation of body changing a wall

Decorating medium structural safety problem basically is caused after system changing a wall is dismantled at will in decorating. Some resident make cabinet of ark of a few walls, ambry, shoe to enlarge empty occasional to use wall system, pull down the section is entire even main wall or partition; Additionally a few resident increase the put oneself in another's position that set a wall on original floor with disjunctive space, perhaps lay the stone material floor such as the granite with heavier outfit, marble, return layer of overlay cement mortar, increased the permanent load of floor; Still many resident change balcony function, make the balcony bears the weight of force exceeds its design to bear the weight of force.

Hidden trouble 2 circuitry ageing or configuration are unreasonable cause fire

Domestic fire is the key that social fire prevents all the time. According to statistic of fire control branch, in recent years, in domestic fire, because decorate,construction is mixed decorate undeserved one of main reasons that caused fire is domestic fire. According to the investigation statistic of reason of on fire of fire of house of our country dweller, as a result of,the fire that has 30% about is ageing of circuitry of residential electric equipment or the configuration in decorating a process is unreasonable cause, this ranks the first in numerous fire cause. According to the analysis, because shortage is severe,at present the residence is decorated and unified safe fire prevention manages, decorate design and construction to often do not undertake construction by compasses of fire service law. Decorate material to choose the combustible goods that did not make fire prevention processing mostly, the unit of distribution of electric equipment circuitry that decorates design, installation cannot get used to the problem such as the demand that resident life increases quickly with report.
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