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I am happy ambry is had the honor to win " industry of 2007 China ambry 10 old b

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On November 17, 2007, 18 days, sponsor by chamber of commerce of course of study of upholster of countrywide business association " Chinese ambry industry 2007 year mass rally and industry of ambry of the 3rd China are outstanding brand enterprise commends congress " hold ceremoniously in Shenzhen.

In commend on congress, sino-US and joint-stock Nanjing I am happy with one action of furniture limited company carries off industry of ambry of 10 old brands, 2007 China designs industry of 2007 China ambry industry of ambry of gold prize, 2007 China most suffer agency to welcome industry of ambry of brand, 2007 China optimal sincere letter brand 4 large award.

On this second annual meeting, gathered in all brand of ambry of countrywide number a hunderd schools, I am happy ambry shows itself from which and have the honor to win several large award, it is happy to me the affirmation that gains remarkable success. I am happy 2007 accelerate " 500 inn of countrywide plan " pace, in be less than time of a year, I am happy nearly 100 brand shop are added newly in the whole nation, door inn amount achieves 200, already discharged in front row of countrywide ambry enterprise. The successful research and development of put oneself in another's position of cabinet of grain of porcelain of new supreme ruler and promotion, let consumer enjoy the cabinet system that only European high-grade ambry just uses ahead of schedule. New design, new concept, I am happy series product not only wide those who get customer love with reputably, also got the welcome of countrywide each agency. I am happy 2007 promote ceaselessly in product quality and service respect, make me happy the person above average in already making sincere letter brand.

This second activity is Chinese ambry industry the year grand meeting of one middle heavyweight, achievement and honor -- summed up me happy development course of 7 years, reflected my happy ceaseless development and progress, incentive we head of 100 feet pole, further.

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