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Inn of north of bridge of Berlin floor supermarket is full-dress practice on Nov

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Nearly two years whole Nanjing home holds the make a comprehensive view the market, present a kind from beginning to end not salty not meaningless appearance. Recover its reason, estate is done not have and the citizen appears like in former years on one hand " the heat that buy a house " hot, insipid building city prices lets a citizen invest gradually from " fry a room " on refrigeration comes down, also let partial home install course of study to also follow refrigeration. On the other hand, with respect to itself of domestic outfit course of study, it is matting with the prosperity at that time, have the aid of is early the person that continues a few years is angry, dispute of numerous businessman confused grabs the home to hold an industry this " cake " , bring about market day to tend saturated, special be in nearly two years, the circumstance of supply exceeds demand of domestic outfit trade particularly apparent.

Carrying such pressure on the head however, berlin floor supermarket however go against the stream, just the eye with expert of ten years of industries, in the rally in this kind of atmosphere, on November 28, 2006, mixed on May 26, 2007 on July 28, established store of flagship of square of celestial bodies dragon early or late, stride Gao bridge inn and checkpost door inn. More the message says, berlin floor supermarket interlinks inn of north of 4 inn bridge to be being decorated in, the near future also will full-dress practice. Choose this year for supermarket of this Berlin floor Chenlong is wide on November 28 a week of field store start business year during, receive strategic deploy finish, rolled out " buy a floor to spend money scarcely, return 10 years now 80% " activity of redound of the real situation. So, what reason lets body of Berlin floor supermarket be in dull market to did not shrink back not only however, inside short time expand quickly instead, interviewed this supermarket general manager to make Mr Bailin to this reporter.

Coessential change competition causes supply exceeds demand

"The supply exceeds demand of floor market, prime cause depends on the product with whole floor machine-made course of study and service, lack brand of a characteristic and other businessman distinction to leave come. " make always express, city of early days building exists really to the influence of floor course of study, but not be main factor. Berlin floor supermarket is in before in the way that 19 years the industry explores, with respect to the apparent already presence that feels a lot of problems. Above all, decorate a company to show the attitude that gives the person that exploit to floor course of study in last few years: Consumer and the contact that decorate a company are 0 distances, stem from the accredit to decorating a company, let its buy on sb's behalf floor, to decorate a company to be in the floor increased profit this piece to offer a way, this is planted at that time rake-off, be an outfit industry go regular.
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