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The floor that bring a letter 500 smooth rice exceeds luxurious exhibition hall

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From this year at the beginning of September, the floor that bring a letter establishs a branch in Nanjing, start in the round " manufacturer straight battalion " since mode, early or late movement again and again: High-key with Jin Chengguo border household is signed " strategic partner agreement " , begin the construction of inn of manufacturer straight battalion, plan the end of the year is opened 6 go to 7; Industry of floor of real wood of rate preexistence Nanjing is carried out " true condition is changed show a sale " door inn style, remove endowment nearly 400 thousand, open piece 500 smooth Mi Chao exceeds greatly luxurious " the floor that bring a letter experiences a house " , floor of Nanjing of it may be said sells the another pioneering work of the industry.

On November 17, the floor that bring a letter " exceed costly experience house " fill makeup during beginning, begin especially " experience sterling solid Mu Wen to change, to the limit of one's capacity opening a warehouse " group of first floor that bring a letter buys an activity of large sales promotion. Once the activity is rolled out, market reaction is strong, broad consumer signs up in succession, all want to be seen exceed luxurious fact scene to change the elegant demeanour that reveals office, enjoy group of the floor that bring a letter to buy brought the greatest material benefit.

Allegedly, mobile spot, arranged meticulously still " partner of husband and wife " game seizes cash prize activity, highest can get ticket of 666 yuan of cash, invited Nanjing forestry university spot of senior expert Professor Pan Biao is accepted seek advice, explain " level of state of real wood floor " .

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