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Bright and beautiful China adornment home holds fair

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Every on November 10, sign during 11 days of activities " entrust design agreement " the client that pays neat design fee, all can enjoy following privilege:

All spot autograph makes an appointment with a client, can enjoy a design to expend 30% return return (deduct in project tail section)

The spot hands in neat design to expend a client, all can obtain give 3000 yuan advocate certificate of material acting gold (floor kind: 500 yuan, ambry kind: 500 yuan, wei Yu kind: 500 yuan, pottery and porcelain kind: ?00 yuan, other kind: 500 yuan; Be restricted to buy product of 3000 yuan of above, use during the activity)

All autographs make an appointment with a client, all can obtain give " kitchen of ray G20 model is provided " complimentary ticket a piece.

Explain: Atelier does not attend a design to expend activity of privilege yielding benefit.

Additional, sign before November 26, 2007 " construction contract " client, still can enjoy following privilege (two enjoy at the same time) :

In allied ambry the brand appoints storefront to buy a cupboard that also serves as a table before December 31, go up in the proper motion counter-bid, foundation that clears entire section by shop effectively reach the proof that make a money to arrive bright and beautiful China storefront can be enjoyed bright and beautiful China give buy ambry amount (mesa of cabinet put oneself in another's position) 5 % cash is returned still;

Obtain those who give total prices to be worth 1600 yuan advocate certificate of material acting gold (hardware certificate 200 yuan, certificate of lamps and lanterns 200 yuan, cloth art certificate 300 yuan, wallpaper certificate 300 yuan, move door certificate 300 yuan, stair certificate 300 yuan. When storefront buys certain amount product to pay, the designation in allied brand can be become cash is used) .

A, allied brand:

Ambry kind: East state too, dark of annals state, a person of extraordinary powers, Bofuman, Han Li matchs curtilage, Sha of holy trailing plants.
Acting gold certificate: Embellish abundant travel, hardware carrying solid on the head, always beautiful commercial firm, Jin Lideng is acted the role of, cloth of thunder person lamps and lanterns, sea person art, beautiful beautiful beautiful cloth art, home of tiger of Teng Chuan cloth is spun, September wallpaper of old and well-known family of wallpaper, 100 couplet, beautiful beautiful.

Notice of B, client:

The client that ① enlists an activity needs the designation in allied brand storefront product of choose and buy, product construction is bought in place or enjoy bright and beautiful China the corresponding ready money that give is returned still;
② advocate the money that material privilege client must clear product of choose and buy before December 31, 2007;
In the product that ③ client buys, special offer is tasted, sales promotion is tasted and the product that participates in a group to buy is returned without cash still;
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