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Nowhere is not decorating feline be bored with is not the thing that the wife do

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Decorate a company to have " feline be bored with " escape hard man a mind which perceives both past and future

The house has assured source at long last, the problem that decorate also is placed before. Choose decorated a company to mention program to go up. Through the contrast of the price, li Kai and wife chose a quote to compare low decorating company, pass bargaining a few times, li Kai and wife are about to sign a contract with the company. But Li Kai always is not free from anxiety in the heart however, "Door of a wood quotes 150 yuan, every square metre is less than floor tile laid 20 yuan (contain complementary material) ... this is too cheap also! " the old schoolmate that Li Kai decides to look for dry outfit crossing the home before signing a contract discusses, over old schoolmate Li Kai is astonied. Listen to old schoolmate to tell, this price businessman not only do not earn money, likely still be out of pocket. That businessman why so do? This makes an in the long run, in material here has a deficit a few, basically be to attract a customer, once construction, construction unit is met ground of try every means looks for the loss in other place. At present the market basically has a few kinds of cases, path of his tirelessly of this old schoolmate comes, why can the old schoolmate that for the moment does not analyse him is opposite these paths know sth like the palm of one's hand, but of these experience talk to let Li Kai benefit a lot however. Li Kai feels these " feline be bored with " be necessary to let everybody know, still tell a reporter again and again must wide and accuse. The intrigue that Li Kai writes down next illegal homes to install company be apt to to use is below:

Material specification is unspecified. For instance carpentry board has 20 yuan cheaply a piece, want 100 yuan expensively a piece, facing board has natural with artifical, the price differs nearly one times. For example emulsioni paint, different price also has producing area different. The condemnatory amount that faces these problems to had better ask to decorate an enterprise to already used construction material brand, producing area and grade and contract to not agree with is written into the contract.

Use a concept, let a client think content exceeds a value. To cater to a client this is planted psychology, company of a lot of outfit pays attention to hype, around old write an essay of subject matter of environmental protection, healthy, quality, the client that lacks understanding to domestic outfit sets his mind at to beg, must search so called bibcock, admiral, pay favorable balance of trade groovy high price for environmental protection, healthy, quality.

Production low false appearance. Price of domestic outfit material is transparent, natural quoted price is transparent also, once transparent, have can compare a gender, nature of value of domestic outfit project cannot sign up for tall, to this some companies boast building site uses material to be produced for him enterprise, affix the mark of own enterprise to these products, change pack, essence is the production that stick a card, but consumer cannot figure out this is what price after all, such domestic outfit companies can fix a price by oneself, consumer still thinks the meeting is cheap.
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