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How to rescue a floor to avoid bubble water

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As the arrival of heating season, "Run water " incident happens time and again. Calculate us oneself the home notices again, in case neighbour home " Shui Manjin hill " , we also can meet with possibly accordingly flood. If produce more serious slack accident, in the home stricken be hit by a natural adversity the heaviest be afraid is a floor. In case which days of our misfortune encountered this kind of situation, did 1000 yuan of several floor boards that buy to on 10 thousand yuan of money very discard as useless? Fasten urgent, you see an expert how say.

Bubble water case study

At present common dweller family encounters " flood " the reason basically comes from cop leakage, serious degree can divide according to for:

1. bedding face accumulates bubble water: Self-invited conduit bursts apart, central heating runs water.

Water of 2. local bubble: Conduit drop leakage, concealment leakage of cop ooze water, flue drop, water machine bath crock is slack, slack etc.

Bubble water reaction

Place of 1. floor juncture becomes warped the edge is out of shape.

2. skirting board is out of shape since beat.

Processing program

According to grand be able to bear or endure Zhang Peng of manager of department of floor after service introduces, if consumer encounters similar case, must save evidence in the round according to following means, in fall the loss to lowest while, also be will differentiate henceforth responsibility and claim for compensation offer advantage.

1. is found in time and cut off fountainhead.

2. undertakes clearing to the water on the floor.

3. notifies property and relevant manufacturer in time.

4. makes so that happen,taking a picture evidence serves as when dispute to the spot.

Floor maintenance

1. bedding face accumulates bubble water: The floor bedding face that causes because of all sorts of reasons accumulates bubble water, and water amount is larger, to floor manufacturer informing of customer service while the spot undertakes clearing, in undertake demolishing to the floor inside short time as far as possible.

Because divide the room beyond toilet, kitchen,do not have commonly waterproof, so need clears ground water clean as soon as possible, avoid bubble to arrive to cause bigger loss downstairs. By floor manufacturer installation worker is undertaken demolishing to the floor, the floor board that usually bubble passes water can appear of different level be out of shape, serious will not continue to be used normally.

Water of 2. local bubble: Cut off fountainhead and undertake clearing in time to ground water, observe whether the floor has apparent change, have become warped apparently the edge reacts can inform a floor manufacturer undertakes local change, the worker can undertake according to spot circumstance local demolish, calculate give maintenance place to want floor area business accounting relevant charge.
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