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Decorate a company to give book exposure to go from inside of industry exposing

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The hype that decorates a company now is even more loot eyeball. Recently, decorated a company to go out to disclose an outfit to go originally unexpectedly face-to-face regular white paper. To this kind of behavior that exposes industry inside oneself, a lot of person of the same trades and citizen breathe out continuously look not to understand. However, tong Ming of this company manager thinks, give this book value! Although go,regular exposure lets whole industry impossibly become normative, let impossibly all " go regular " disappear, but it resembles a lamp, the light is a few brighter, the darkness all round is a few less. Decorate a company to needing those who make a brand, should help consumer disclose the one act that decorates darkness together.

(1) decorate inside story of a plot one a large bamboo or wicker basket is carried

Leafed through this " white paper of domestic outfit trade -- go regular " , the pattern that complier analyses with case introduces the home such as manage of material, design, construction, inspect to install link to consumer a few common trap, decorate inside story of a plot end of one a large bamboo or wicker basket comes out.

In order to announce " after decorating first, pay " of the type decorate a company to be exemple: Introduce in the book, after this kind of company just began acceptance to be decorated first, pay, consumer thinks, if decorate a company to do bad, so I do not pay, anyway oneself also do not have a loss, then delighted ground gave a labor contractor to do the project. After the water and electricity after engineering go into operation and bricklaying had been done, decorate a company to be about immediately money, consumer wondering: "Either after be being decorated first, pay? " but, decorate company explanation: "After be being decorated first, pay, it is to point to divide in installment pay, if customer does not pay, so the part that does not pay does not belong to consumer, must pull down entirely. " and if the ceramic tile that cost on 10 thousand yuan and circuitry of water and electricity pull down destroyed completely, consumer can darling give money decorate a company, whirly leeway does not have even price respect.

To this, this book editor thinks to see a labor contractor from the surface is to be in owner fills up money to decorate first, but the proportion that actually early days decorates a company to need pay for sb and expect to be repaid later is very small, be inside risk control limits, and the labor contractor can arrive first data business takes money, after the wall on the brick that once him owner spends money,buys, with respect to owner of not be up to sb to decide.

In addition, include outfit, quoted price in the light of beautiful money low leave to go high, all sorts of detail such as provision of manage of stylist rake-off, inspect, contract problem, this book also undertook an analysis seriously, and will inside all feline be bored with are told as clear as dayly, even rake-off takes quality of how much dot, free design whether assure, illicit sheet is how to answer a thing to wait, tell a reader one by one.
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