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Bathroom environment designs a standard

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  Integrated design   

Mix dresser, washbasin store content ark be in harmony is an organic whole, use modulus design, form Ni Sifeng light, Tokyo love, daydream of the Milky Way 3 series, each use monomer of a few standards, convertibility a variety of combination, choose by different need for the client match, build contracted, lively, appropriate bathroom environment, give a person the enjoyment with the United States.   

   The function is perfect   

Next water facilities on bathroom furniture are all ready, store content function arrangement is orderly, deserve to have lamplight and mirror, measure accords with human body labour to learn a requirement, use convenient, comfortable, neat, security.

   Material is qualitative admirable   

Base material is medium fine board, particieboard introduces classy product; Real wood uses horniness classy broadleaf material; Surface ability decorates Bao Mu (wooden skin) use Euramerican entrance classy tree is planted diameter cuts veneer; Hardware fittings, adhesive and paint introduce world-famous brand product, all sorts of data are underlying quality is stable and reliable, accord with requirement of green environmental protection.

   The construction is reasonable

Use board type to dismantle outfit structure and hanging structure, interface locates accurately with round marvellous tenon, collect grain locking, hanging place uses specific hardware originally closely with wall body, well-set and do not affect the exterior, can tear open repeatedly outfit, interchangeability is strong.   

   Technology is advanced

Use number of feed inlet to control machining center (CNC) , much curve wood to pressurization the international such as the high frequency hot press, spray that do not have gas is the most advanced carpentry equipment and paint facility, undertake the component turns online serial production, treatment precision is tall, the surface is bright and clean had spent.   

   Easy and clean

The face pledges and line body is slippery, appearance is mixed li of watch processing is consistent, prevent accumulation of dirt, contamination, facilitating cleanness.