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The home holds experience: Jie of ∈ easy target is not Jia Qian to hold in the

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"Chest, ambry, bath is provided " all the time since live in 3 it is important to decorate big namely, because 3 big functions are complete different, puts position has vast difference more. The quiet environment of the igneous environment of the kitchen, water environment of the bathroom and bedchamber, all the time since 3 systems that do not join a group each other namely. Nevertheless, install the ceaseless development of course of study as the home, and the change that decorates an idea, "3 big " of unifinication decorate a style quite popular already.

Bathroom: Practical with muti_function unite

As standard of living rise, a lot of people begin those who pay attention to a bathroom to decorate. Lavatory, a series of collocation such as furniture of bath crock, faucet, bathroom, the collocation of straight face and arc, of function and space distributing, the attention that the echo of detail and whole receives the person that decorate slowly, these had exceeded the basic function that former life place needs.

The bathroom is decorated already not just bureau be confined to " design " , economic performance also is a new window that at present the home holds the market, section water is for instance energy-saving, facilitating cleanness, fight noise, prevent jam etc.

Washbasin: The appearance is diversiform practical strong

From current home costume market looks, decorate a design to use bathroom space predominate effectively, among them wide margin lavatory is among them a kind of popular element. Type of the type below the stage, an organic whole hangs diversity of form of substandard of the wall, half type on the stage, can decorate a space according to the bathroom and measure a body to have something made to order.

Type of an organic whole hangs wall lavatory to suit the bathroom with lesser space, position of concise, wide margin can set the petty thing such as gargle handleless cup, soapbox; Have the word of need, washbasin periphery still can configure towel link up with, neat and economic space. If bathroom space allows a little, suit to configure the lavatory of the half type on the stage very much, and extremely rich artistic sense, the Yi Ke on the stage sets more and petty thing.

Bath crock: Use makings is smooth add line beauty

The bath crock of the material make it such as enamel of plank of the cast-iron, force that press a gram, armor plate has appeared on the market, these using makings the characteristic that also added beauty of constant temperature, durable, line to bath crock. According to salesperson introduction, modelling and economic performance are the biggest sell a site.

Exquisite line is concise and fluent on the design, it is the new fashionable element that the bathroom decorates, expression is in functional detail be in harmony in the design. Apply line principle, bath crock medium headrest, armrest, prevent first class of slip, fire hose to have artistic combination, form a kind of pliable vision effect.
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