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Concern decorates cost to rise in price owner grabs autograph order for goods

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Afraid material, artificial expenses rises once more, many owner are grabbed before year autograph remove theatrical makeup and costume builds order form, deep autumn decorate the market to wave all the way red.

Yesterday morning, hesitant repeatedly Mr Chen of owner of the garden that be the same as Xin and bay China adornment was signed decorate a contract. He introduces, successive a week is choosing decorate a company, see building materials, the other side informs cost of raw materials to still will rise, "Signed simply, lest next year is floriferous money " .

As we have learned, this year building materials wait besides real wood floor, ceramic tile contend for after rising in price, the complementary material price such as cement is bullish also nowadays. The reporter is in yesterday Chinese the market understands on the west, general cement 16~18 yuan / bag, went up generally 0.5~1 yuan.

Besides material, artificial cost also than rise first half of the year. The Zhan master worker that becomes a labor contractor 8 years tells a reporter, at present of labour of slimy labour, water and electricity is very spruce: The price still is first half of the year 70 yuan everyday, already will go up October everyday 100 yuan.

All sorts of charge are climbed tall, sum pair of future rise in price anticipate, make decorate a company to borrow this to grab sheet in succession. Fine time rolls out a member to make recruit VIP member, hold recreational activities, home to install classroom to attract cross year decorate a client; Renown be an official rolls out square metre total value, and from bay China, the measure with only label of near future of Jia He company shows, the corresponding period signed thin volume to turn over one times than last year.

City adornment does remind, value of domestic costume market has really this year rise trend, but the citizen is sure to keep in mind to sign sheet not blindly, cold after all weather is decorated, wait to have a demand to craft, material, because sealed price change is affected,cannot decorate quality.