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It is crucial that consumer preference home installs company sex price to compar

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The collision of the viewpoint almost industry of consist in any, industry of domestic outfit building materials is not exceptional also, same a thing, there is the view inside course of study inside course of study, the expert has the expert's view, consumer has his idea more, can these viewpoint collision rise be what kind of? For this, we invite the personage inside course of study, professional personage and customer same a view that the topic expresses him.

Last, the personage inside the course of study that decorates a company talked about his viewpoint, this, we interviewed a few consumer, why is seeing them admit just the crucial factor that chooses brand home to hold a firm.

Ms. ★ tall 30 years old of bank employees

Domestic outfit company hopes on consumer they there go decorating, him boast governs standard, quality reliable, service has safeguard, but, if fruit is so good really, why to still have take a lot of trouble of so much consumer does ground of arduous take time seek guerrilla? Decorating a company to feel for certain is consumer anxious to get things on the cheap, do not have ability to consume, actually, this is price issue not just.

I see a person say on the net, the proportion that there is 30% in the quote that decorates a company is overhead expenses, I do not know whether this number is exact, but the quote that decorates a company should compare guerrilla really a lot of taller. Those who decorate a company it is certain to decorate quality a lot of taller than guerrilla? I very suspicion. Search decorate a company to pursue namely originally a save worry save labour, but, the friend decorates a building through decorating a company beside, do not see where goes so that be at ease than seeking guerrilla. Want to stare at building site euqally, same one not careful by " plot against " , rather such, spent so much money to be done not have however how save worry, still be inferior to doing good homework solidly at the beginning, it is good to seek a bit more reliable guerrilla.

The price is admittedly on one hand reason, but if decorate what the company offers to decorate service function to be able to follow really,go up his price, affirmative meeting has more person selected choose to decorate a company.

Mr ★ Mr Wu 34 years old of IT personages

I buy a house for the first time 5 years ago, because my job is too busy, stare at building site without so much time, looked for to decorate a company. The result is moved before long, the house appeared a variety of problems, go searching decorate a company, shirk responsibility, dispute over trifles bad news my a lot of time energy. Decorate a company to have the person that is in charge of technically complaining, all time use those who follow consumer bad news namely, our where has so big energy, end up with nothing definite finally, I block a heart up very long.

Decorate this, I am very hesitant, it is to search to decorate a company or seek reliable guerrilla. The friend says, present brand decorates company management to compare a standard, need not worry too. But I see on the net, many I think so is old brand decorated a company to appear such and such problem, although be small probability incident, but, in case I was come up against, be to be met again is nest heart very long? So, I think, if the brand decorates a company to be able to let me be at ease really, in decorating, be at ease, after decorating, be at ease, I use a brand to decorate a company.
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