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The family decorates 6 medium main take cover engineering

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Include block up of canalage, circuit, waterproof, balcony, condole top, assure etc, by inspect of client, project controller of manage, construction is participated in, check and accept qualification to sign rear can continue construction.

The family decorates medium take cover engineering is to point to concealment the cop project in adornment surface interior and structural project. Cop project includes electric equipment return, wait to system of catchment, gas conduit, air conditioning; Structural project shows the interior that is used at load of the fixed, building that prop up is tectonic. Although once temporarily fauvism and high-tech send popularity to be the United States in order to expose conduit structure, but this kind of gimmick is unwell at other people of ordinary common people decorate.

Notable is, at present the quality problem of take cover engineering is generally, and because maintain inconvenience, leave a lot of snake in the grass. Accordingly, be necessary to know its structure and stuff. The take cover engineering that the family decorates basically includes 6 fields:

Give catchment the project. Because galvanization canal is easy rusty, scale, not heat preservation, and can produce aspic to crack, will be washed out stage by stage. Use at present most is canal of steel tube of model aluminous multiple tube, model, PPR. These pipe have good plasticity, tenacity, and heat preservation not craze, not scale, use special copper contact or thermoplastic contact, quality assures, specific power consumption is little.

Project of electric equipment cop. General power supply cord divides line of hard line, flexible cord, jacket to wait, degree of finish of the core that press copper is divided again for line of millimeter of line of millimeter of line of 1 square millimeter, 1.5 square, 2.5 square. . . . . . . For safe for the purpose of, more maintain to facilitate, power supply cord should cover bushing. In addition commonly used still acoustics line, line waits. Socket is divided for 10A, 15A, . . . , the brand also has a variety of, sham much also. Inferior electrical outlet causes an accident easily, the proposal is bought to shop of things of standard electric equipment relatively appropriate. Project of electric equipment circuitry, requirement construction is normative, the worker should hold card mount guard, in order to assure safety, eliminate hidden danger.

Floor grass-roots unit. Grass-roots unit of real wood floor has two kinds of ways: One kind brushs oil of cold a copy of each document sent out on cement floor, laid wood keel, urge a floor board finally; Another kind of method spreads a joinery first on keel board, or wool floor, urge a floor board next, use this kind of method, the floor gets power even, well-set. Compound floor installation is convenient, basic level also has two kinds of course of action: One kind makes make level layer first, next laid PVC fills up a layer, later laid is compound floor; Another kind goes up in layer of cement make level, laid wood keel and wool floor, two shops are compound floor.
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