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What person is in government, expert, consumer " be hostile to " development bus

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Development business became the society that shows level almost " public enemy " . No matter be met in all sorts of forum peaks, still be network comment, no matter be famous expert, still be faceless netizen; No matter bring about a house,contradictory germ is development business, government, still buy room him person, trojan people cast energy of life on development business body, or bright or had a machine gun silently to development business end.

These signal make clear adequately, development business already from for civilian live and work in peace and contentment, the builder that accelerates a city to change a course, evolve to destroy social harmony development, violate public feelings popular wishes " hostile " .

I remember be in of not long ago with " the development trade figure in your eye is the front after all negative still " in social investigation, the figure of trade of development be thinkinged by investigation object of 80% is negative. Affecting the main reason that develops trade figure is: The trick that owner cheats when selling a building is too much, development business obtains too much sudden huge profits, encounter responsibility of quality problem shirk...

" landed SHOW " once engineered a special subject " 10 big facts about a crime investigate development trade " , inside course of study once resounding temporarily, each are big media is contended for reprint. Coerce blame of blame of blame of governmental blame, disturbed market blame, sudden huge profits, be rich but cruel, dodge a tax, con blame to wait " charges in an indictment " , I think any charges in an indictment, enough development business cannot take to moving round to go.

In the expeditionary sound of social all circles, our development business still persist one's old ways. On the forum of some website, the netizen issues such card: Get a gun, dry is so undesirable develop business. The somebody on the horse follows post: Most at least also should use big gun, caliber also gets 500mm the least, and can a running fire 100 those who play the sort of; If want dry to develop business, I am contributed January salary...

This is real anger still jeers, I am judged very hard. In the main force that develops business in intentional dry, I discovered a few force are more outstanding.

Governmental power. Be like, because land uncultivated land brings about house price to go up,in a lot of development business censures tall while, concerned government sector stricks back immediately. Be like, be aimed at dodge a tax of development business evade taxes more and more phenomena, before before long, duty Wu branch states working key was to strengthen estate revenue to superintend 2006; Be like, be aimed at phenomenon of tall house price, the premier is determined to want to stabilize, hair change appoint already had relevant measure.

Expert force. In development business fatidical house price should continue to upsurge and when denying sudden huge profits, a batch of experts that are a delegate with Yi Xianrong make full use of " academic " , " number " waited for a weapon to have strong fight back to developing business. Although market report and expert are at present fatidical act in a way that defeats one's purpose, dan Yixian is allowed people gunfire also stops without disappear momently. Should reachcapture only opportunity, expeditionary footstep does not cease.
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