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Rich force 1.136 billion pat newly ground king becomes Pearl River new city most

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Average price exceeds Pearl River new city on the west tower, rich force becomes Pearl River by right of 11 plot new city is the biggest " landlord "

Yesterday, guangzhou city estate trades the center that register hangs out his shingle publicly sell one's own things is located in area of bay of He Li of new city of Pearl River of area of the Milky way costly region 3 land, pat in all total prices 1.344 billion yuan. The final sale price of each land basically broke up one time than original quoted price. Among them, march in a large-scale the rich force of market of Guangzhou CBD business affairs is landed, more in bringing into the plot of two sell one's own things of Pearl River new city bursa with the high price of 1.136 billion. So far, what rich power real estate regards Pearl River as new city CBD is the biggest " landlord " , have 11 lot in all.

Two tycoons " scrape the ground " be at war 96 bouts

"Auction of this invite public bidding can have predicted is an a fierce struggle between two evenly-matched opponents. " head for the Central Plains real estate that auctions meeting site to study department head Liu Zhiwu expresses. According to introducing, the new world that enters contest of plot of J1-1 of new city of Pearl River of area of the Milky way to buy (China) Inc. of real estate of rich power of landed investment limited company and Guangzhou, last year the auction of the tower meets Pearl River new city on the west go up to had handed in handle, although the tower spends new city of final Pearl River on the west,fall more beautiful city building, but two tycoons this again " come into unavoidable confrontation " the atmosphere that lets an auction meet apparently more turn white-hot.

The auction is met on, plot of J1-1 of Pearl River new city cites a shop sign in all 96 bouts, new world (China) the marked price that last time of landed investment limited company raises a card is 613 million yuan. Rich force is increased again after landed close therewith, leave one town first with 616 million yuan high price, took this gross area to not be more than the business affairs plot of 142990.38 square metre for 7943.91 square metre, total floor area. On sale Pearl River is subsequently new city M1-4 plot, the much home company such as rich power real estate all bids again and again. Final it is to be in 42 times after the bout that cite a shop sign, rich force the high price with 520 million yuan its in income bursa. So far, rich force is added in the quantity having the land of Pearl River new city reach 11.

On sale is last land of a sell one's own things -- showily district of Li bay district with on the west, Guan Xianfang with south, the business of a sector of an area stays in office to use the land to the south of culvert, area 14503 square metre, floor area 90491 square metre, final be patted by Guangzhou city Metro head office with the price of 208 million.

Among them land of a sell one's own things drafts build hotel of 5 stars class
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