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The subway that build a car " gallinaceous dog " be raised to the skies endures

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Without disclose, the day that is located in group of trade of core of mouth of Chengdu salt city the store is in sadly " suddenly turn hostile " . Several original public place of entertainment had cancelled entirely, new market program is in brand-new design. So-called " China underground commerce the first street " day a store, walked along again " crossroad " .
And meanwhile, the reporter obtains an information from concerned channel yesterday, one joins subway of day of square of government office of a store, weather is station, mulish of project of underground of city of station of equestrian city subway, panda, Xi Yuhe super- big " subterranean commerce group " also will rise to surface. Someone says, development of space of Chengdu underground commerce can enter a new period, "The subway is the biggest one helps straw " .

The current situation: This world of the underground on the ground fills shade to decline

"Flourishing shop is made over " , " jump building big reduction sale " , ceng Yi spends prosperous day the store is struggling in trough. Last weekend, the reporter heads for a day for many times in different period of time store discovery, here client sparse, merchant is slouching, the stream of people that if knit,takes with street of dyer of mouth of city of the salt on the ground, exuberant business energy of life formed bright contrast.

In the day the street austral the store, female outfit inn prevent the boss puts down the newspaper in the hand to go up a little with the reporter: "Present business? You look, there is a person to draw out money to buy in try 5 people of the dress pretty good. " she says, she from the day store start business is in business here, in recent years, the business ever sold 2000 yuan one day best, return so that deduct wages of chummage, charge of electricity, employee to wait a moment from which, do sth over and over again comes down with respect to remnant not a few money.

In the day the street in the store, the assistant that sells phonic resembling product is used " should absolutely refuse to to live " will describe the business in inn. The reporter notices, the pedestrian of the street is compared in south the market is little still, a lot of bosses that guard store or assistant use his means goof in succession: Some knits sweater, some reads newspaper, some is flat breathe out breathe out to sleep greatly.

Have a pair of husband and wife, leased two shop here, one sells box the package, one sells shoe. When the reporter sees them, two people are turning over playing card bored to deathly to hit " to angling " : "A bit business is done not have, do not play to do what again child? " wife conscientiously tells a reporter, can mix buccal meal to eat only just, also a month comes down white busy when.

Arrived boreal street, the pedestrian here is more exiguous, the corridor of hollowness lets a person have the feeling that shines at the moment unexpectedly. Approaching the part of jade belt bridge, many shop sky is worn, not only do not have a businessman, the evidence that decorates repeatedly even also is done not have. Via asking to be informed, here 20 come the shop of square metre, the month is hired only 800 yuan just, and in the day south street, the month is hired control in 3000 yuan commonly, and in ground dyer street, the shop of same area, the month is hired be in absolutely 10 thousand yuan of above.
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