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The State Council develops a research center: Does season of atmosphere of Qiang

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The State Council develops a report of the research center to point out, bring about come to our country two years recently the main factor that sale price promotes commodity house substantially is to come from the other factor besides project cost, and demand element is not the critical factor that rise in price.

Macroscopical ministry releases research center of development of the State Council " state of affairs of Chinese estate development and development trend forecast an analysis " say, although project cost is formed in the price in occupy than very tall, but the influence that to commodity house sale price rises is minor. From growth extent looks, came 2000 sale price raised commodity house during 2004 30% , land cost rose 50% , project cost rose 20% , the other factor such as profit and cost of sales rose 30% , of land cost and other factor go up of a cost of Yuan Chao project go up.

The report thinks, project cost rises to be affected to what the residence and blame house sale price rise, far the influence that is less than land to rise in price with other factor. Came 2000 during 2004, project cost rises extent occupies residential sale price to go up specific gravity is 46.2% , the others of 53.8% go up it is by project cost the other factor besides rises in price pull those who move.

Meanwhile, element of supply and demand is not commodity house the critical factor that sale price rises. This report says, since 1996, chinese residence and house of blame residence commodity sell an area actually in those days all under in those days complete area, although take no account of,spend with the year before last year not the commodity house of work off, every year house of many complete commodity is in empty buy condition for lack of corresponding demand. Accordingly, look from countrywide limits, the demand of commodity house is not commodity house the critical factor that sale price rises.

The report points out at the same time, the Chinese real estate that develops quickly is had to dweller consumption drive and squeeze occupy " dual impact " . The report thinks, estate investment can drive the consumption of housing consumption, building materials consumption and durable consumer goods, and builder especially the daily consumption that the farmer is versed in, but also can squeeze take a resident other spending expenses.

The report says, estate investment and the housing that the estate that housing consumes a relation to be every 100 yuan invests Yaokela to move 30 yuan are consumed, use the 1/10 that is the defray that buy a house about to building those who decorate things consumption to press an action, to builder especially the belt of the daily consumption that the farmer is versed in move action to be 100 yuan of investment to be able to increase consumption to be controlled 40 yuan.

In addition, this report says, estate investment can squeeze dweller of the cent that take a department other spending expenses. According to marginal propensity to consume of our country dweller, terminally reimbursement amount will be squeezed take the corresponding consumption pay of 70% .
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