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House price is how be come out surely be not simple cost to increase profit

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When ordinary common people is buying a house, not be very clear a building dish how does the price come out, but this is an obligatory course to the person inside the industry, let common people know the knowledge of some of this respect also is necessary.
The tree does not let off even

The building that Xiaozheng takes a fancy to dish want open quotation, he runs to make work rapidly building ministry goes carrying door model, but no matter how be carried, he takes a fancy to those model, the price always wants tower above more or less his accept limits. The edge is covered, floor is tall, be far from a driveway, of garden of look out center... as long as door model touch with these elements above, unit price is met tower above one cut.

Just when Xiaozheng does not know from when why doing it, at the door the 2 unit that he discovers a building in building site spot to large camphor tree of one individual plant, crown of a tree is very large, young lady of carry out building says this is to develop business to make a building dish the former zoology tree that designed reservation comes down when the program. Xiaozheng is careful observation, discover large camphor tree of this individual plant has 45 buildings probably so tall, if he buys the house in 4 buildings, fresh and green crown of a tree can decorate his window and balcony forever. Then, he contrasted instantly this building is different door model the price, discovery is had " tree scene " door model go up in unit price unexpectedly tower above is same of floor not " tree scene " door model, in developing business to had calculated large camphor tree of this individual plant into price coefficient that is to say, went. This lets Xiaozheng very deep feeling, developing business is astute and excellent really, do not let off even a tree unexpectedly!

We know, developing business is to use normally " all valence " or " have price " will attract the person that buy a house. But the person that buy a house can be used rarely when raising a house " all valence " the house that money buys him to like. Because of what differ door model between often existing price coefficient, and price coefficient is normally by front coefficient, position coefficient, landscape coefficient, design coefficient, noise coefficient, adjust overlay of coefficient and level coefficient to comprise. That is to say, the unit price of every flatlet is a basis individually door model perpendicular position (floor) with horizontal position (the positional) in a building, and every door model front, daylighting, ventilated after waiting for a circumstance to decide coefficient, again with this building protocol " all valence " multiply those who reach, of good head, good place door model of course coefficient is tall.

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