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The office building that Xiamen estate year reported 2007 piece

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  Fast and outspread investment warms up

Compare with the residential market phase of in full swing, market of Xiamen office building is continueing all the time low-key condition. Like be the same as city of great majority provincial capital, level of price of Xiamen office building considers or under with region house, and its cost is general however prep above residence, "Hang " the phenomenon lasts old, still be in continuance. 2007 is market of Xiamen office building a year of rapid dilate, market echo is general, but the latent capacity of office building market never by oversight.

   Supply soar sales volume is not lukewarm not fire

In light of the condition that from supply and demand contrast runs, supply of accumulative total of 1-11 month office building was as high as 450 thousand square metre 2007, compared to the same period the 152 thousand square metre 2006 grows 196% considerably, the Xiamen that includes to already came out is center of international of the first square, huge rock radical, new scene century city wait and in the avalokitesvara hill international that build business affairs center, add Xin Ding again for market of office building of Xiamen first class undoubtedly.

With supply soar to be compared, the growth of sale is relative however not lukewarm not fire, the sale of 170 thousand square metre relatively the 127 thousand square metre last year grows 34% , supply exceeds sale of 280 thousand square metre. While supply increases quickly, sale price continues however involve the tendency that rise, but go up put delay somewhat.

   Class spans investment consciousness arousal

The Xiamen office building with finishing 2007 turn one's head, "Administrative internationalization " , " 24 hours of office building " , " office human nature is changed " , " energy-saving change " , " convenient traffic and business affairs are changed " wait for new concept also progressively development, before long in the future, xiamen office building also will be tightened catch up with advanced office building develops international the pace of tide.

Although the expression of office building market does not grab an eye all the time in recent years, the latent capacity of Dan Jiyun contain is in especially, special the city that to Xiamen this kind of trade developeds. In recent years of the rapid growth of Xiamen medium and small businesses and branch of a large number of foreign capital enterprises, large company enter ceaselessly, provide the potential demand that abounds to office building market. And as Xiamen city was executed 2005 " the residence bans trade " since regulations, make personage of more new go into business must deliver buy industry view to office building market, this also brought about Xiamen office building to rent the prosperity of the market secondhand. At present no matter Xiamen is tall, medium, cheap office building, rental rate is in generally 80% above, and the rental rate that a few well-known office building are like edifice of edifice of trade of bank center, nation, a person of extraordinary powers of the Supreme Being to wait is achieved almost 100% . This shows, long-standing still to the extensive demand of office building market.

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