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Market of office building of 4 big municipalities directly under the Central Gov

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Beijing piece
As the drawing near of 08 Olympic Games, enterprise of Beijing each type gradually hot, beijing of second half of the year is about to put in a large number of office building this year, majority sells for whole, or enter the market that rent directly, not big to whole market impact.
But as " the residence bans trade " this one policy lives to certain lack functional building dish begin lift a ban, can produce certain effect to office building market more or less.

Of the office building price of CBD area go tall ceaselessly, make the office building of area of CBD of extensive of this one area more and more be welcomed, grow model the company basically is for better progress and improve oneself company image, accordingly, when these companies are choosing office building, majority goes after tall sex price to compare. Extensive CBD area will become a of CBD area important complement, make CBD area becomes more perfect.

If the office building of Alexandrine sea begins to develop to the suburb, beijing also has had the tendency that grows to suburb hair now, recently, the relevant section of the area that tell a state conducted activity of lecture of company credit special subject, spread out how to develop the discussion of local economy, want to be in a lot of live in the white-collar that tells a state to want to take a car to the city zone to go to work everyday, and the office building that connecting state institute build has luck only the few points of international and the Great Wall international that did not build, and be in a city of area of annulus Bohai Sea to having very large development latent capacity, connect high speed from Beijing to the country trade needs 15 minutes only, of traffic convenient. At present not finishing still Great Wall international is the building with Asian the longest monomer, namely commerce, office, meal, recreation is an organic whole, will become a state another indicative, resemble be in especially a lot of CBD that live in the white-collar that tells a state to build an administrative division in the appeal, the hope works in door mouth, more the netizen still explodes on forum makings say, connected a city to had inspected China trade center about the branch, and hope with some development the group combines construction tell a state " China trade center " . Believe before long in the future, of this CBD hind garden, also can become to be able to handle official bussiness hind garden. With the likeness that tell a state, tian Tongyuan, answer Long Guan, visit capital, these areas that a lot of white-collars live may become the area with next concentrated office building, they are no longer sleep simply city, be in the has the largest latent capacity area of market of Beijing office building however.
Since ancient times Beijing has the poor north is rich view south the move, at present the eastpart part of Beijing, western, north has been developed by height, only south the city still has very large development space, had appeared now edifice of luck of headquarters base, country, rich eminent edifice, Fu Lixin like that the building of a batch of new business affairs such as square, blessing ground square. Although gross is mixed,the ratio of trade group appearance such as north is apart from very far, but its dimensions, character and before the office building photograph of this area is compared, had bigger promotion. Besides, beijing rich force is in south the commercial synthesis project of each village also is in the south latitude road of the city, beans in preparing to construct. Be located in road of south latitude of announce military division 35 project has starred building, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 190 thousand square metre of 80 thousand square metre, total floor area, will begin to enrol business inside year. Be located in sunny area beans each village country is big each village project also is dealing with the beans of side of north of rash inn road formalities of land sell one's own things, predict to begin construction first half of the year this year.

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