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Winter is indoor air conditioning is restricted after lukewarm proposal throws a

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Yesterday air temperature pelter, outside algidity is threatening, however, this city is heaven and earth another however in many bazaar, Lou Yu, dining-room. Yesterday afternoon, building of the partial market that the reporter was taking a thermometer to enter this city early or late, dining-room, business affairs is measured on the spot, discover indoor temperature exceeds 20 ℃ mostly. And understand according to the reporter, build scientific academy chief editor by construction ministry project approving, China " ventilated system runs air conditioning management is normative " already
Came on stage formally recently, this standard suggests temperature of room of general in the winter air conditioning must not exceed 20 ℃ .

[· of art of Shen Cheng prevent frostbite is restricted lukewarm]

Dining-room clerk wears short sleeve unlined upper garment

"Give me a cup of coke, should add ice. " yesterday afternoon, the Kendeji around station of Xu Jiahui subway snack inn, margin of a customer takes off coat edge to order meal, it is all round her, almost all client already uncloak, the clerk in dining-room wears short sleeve shirt even. The reporter did not stay a few minutes to begin to give out heat all over in dining-room, the thermometric mercury in the hand is climbed all the way litre, decide case finally to be in 25 ℃ .
Subsequently, the reporter came to Nanjing again east the buy ground square on the road, the dress that discovers even if is first floor assistant still also is shirt waists-coat matchs short skirt, from the walks into business mansion client outdoor busy incessantly ground doffs next jacket, even if is such, the face of a few clients still begins gradually aglow, the thermometer shows the temperature here is 21 ℃ . V/arc be on the throne at Nanjing on the west the constant grand square of the road, the white-collars of come and go still are wearing the professional suit of shirt, short skirt. The reporter visited 5 sites such as building of bazaar, business affairs, dining-room yesterday afternoon, as a result discovery is in temperature to be in only 18 ℃ , the others not under 20 ℃ .
"Never had heard the winter is indoor also temperature is restricted. " v/arc be on the throne at Nanjing the Mei Long of the road presses down mansion of business of Yi power red on the west, the staff member of property branch tells a reporter, if business mansion temperature is too low, cannot attract consumer to enter, accordingly they decide temperature in 20-22 ℃ commonly.

Build a department: Indoor winter is restricted lukewarm 20 ℃

City classics appoint the relevant controller that energy-saving environmental protection is in expresses, last year in the winter, this city has advocated indoor in the winter temperature not prep above 18 ℃ . Recently, shanghai lights gas branch to already also issued an announcement, the place such as the office building that suggests Shanghai uses air conditioning burning gas, bazaar, guesthouse is managing use burn gas, indoor temperature control is in 16 ℃ less than.
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