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Shanghai " 915 " yesterday of construction of inland river channel is started in

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The container of foreign hill harbor how is pass in and out inland? Besides connective of big bridge of the East China Sea onshore highway, desirable still henceforth the inland river aqueduct of Shen Cheng extend in all directions. Yesterday, as outside riverside of channel of Gao Qiao Home Zhao the pile sound of a rumble, shen Cheng " 915 " construction of inland river channel is started in the round. To 2010, of a high order and degree " the freeway on water " -- container channel network will build in Shen Chengchu pace, a course of Shen Cheng inland river will be modern to receiving hill harbor.
Does the traffic of channel of Shanghai existing inland river have how old? "Be equivalent to the total volume of 2 Shanghai peaceful railroad and channel of a the Yangtse River. " yesterday, xu Peixing of director of Shanghai haven management board disclosed channel of Shen Cheng inland river to the reporter " magnanimity " . At present the inland river channel of Shanghai is in natural state more, sex of grade on the low side, unobstructed is poor, the boat of cargo ship ship stale, tonnage slants small, silver coin meanwhile a harbor of hill harbor however must waterage undertakes enlarge is allowed.
Xu Peixing says, the project of punish of channel of Home Zhao channel of formal yesterday start, invest 1.988 billion yuan of construction jointly by the Ministry of Communication and Shanghai municipal government, shanghai city construction invests development to head office invests for the project and build principal part, this mark is worn Shanghai " 915 " what inland river channel builds is comprehensive start.

[Prospective channel punish plans]

"915 " during project of Shanghai's main punish of inland river channel still includes: Line of big reed line, Su Shen outport (Shanghai paragraph) , Hang Shen line (Shanghai paragraph) , project of punish of channel of line of the harbor inside Su Shen and Huang Pu river (Mao harbor paragraph) cut a turn into parts to take straight project, punish channel total course of development will achieve 174.6 kilometers.
Basis " shipping of Shanghai inland river develops a program " , to 2020 Shanghai still will build Shanghai inland river in the round " one annulus 10 shoot " network of advanced course course.