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Gross of our country economy rises to the world the 6th

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■ Li Deshui of director of national statistic bureau manages the gain that census of economy of first time whole nation introduced to obtain on the press conference newly 20 days in the country. According to this census, gross of our country GDP and structure all have new change: Economic gross was in the world 2004 seating arrangement reach, rise to the 6th.
■ calculate according to the pacing at the beginning of economic census data, gross of present price of our country gross domestic product was fifteen thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven billion eight hundred million yuan 2004, compare grow in quantity of year of count of wall bulletin nucleus 2.3 trillion yuan, increased 16.8 % , but level of average per capita still is in the world the 100th later.
■ Li Deshui expresses, economic census won't create GDP, undertaking data amend is international current practice, be not is Chinese economy produced major change.
■ Li Deshui expresses, the correction of GDP data, won't affect current and macroscopical economic policy make, economic census and exchange rate reform also did not concern directly, the exchange rate reform that will undertake on July 21 is a reform that is full of wisdom, carrying out a proof is successful, won't issue an order in the morning and rescind it in the evening.