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Achievement of census of economy of first time whole nation is announced

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News of the State Council does 20 days to hold a press conference in the morning, li Deshui of director of national statistic bureau introduced the positive result that census of economy of first time whole nation obtains.
Li Deshui announces at the same time, the basis economic census data, undertake be correctioned accordingly to the historical data since 1993. This is to maintain the history of GDP data to be able to compare a gender, accord with international convention.
Li Deshui says when answer reporter quizs, carry the general investigation to tertiary industy, those who show structure of our country economy compares forecast is more reasonable, more healthy. Economic census and exchange rate reform also did not concern directly, the exchange rate reform that will undertake on July 21 is a reform that is full of wisdom, carrying out a proof is successful, won't issue an order in the morning and rescind it in the evening.

1 basis this census, gross of our country GDP has new change: Economic gross was in the world 2004 seating arrangement reach, rise to the 6th.

The pace calculates 2 basises at the beginning of economic census data, gross of present price of our country gross domestic product was fifteen thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven billion eight hundred million yuan 2004, compare grow in quantity of year of count of wall bulletin nucleus 2.3 trillion yuan, increased 16.8 % .

All of leakage of 2.13 trillion yuan of tertiary industy raises fish of 3 economy census value, make tertiary industy rises to 40.7 % from 31.9 % in the proportion in our country GDP.

GDP is amended leak new information

The economic census result that bureau of statistic of 20 days of countries announces, adapted China the GDP gross 2004, achieve fifteen thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven billion eight hundred million yuan, increase 2. 3 trillion yuan. The correction of data of economy of this one core, make a few macroscopical economic norms that concern to it pass a new information.

Finance income: Occupy than dropping two percent

In last few years of finance income climb litre of contrail, it is the report that macroscopical economy grows the country quickly continuously and enterprise benefit raises considerably. Income of our country finance broke through 2 trillion yuan first 2003, broke through 2.5 trillion yuan again 2004, predict finance income closes the breakthrough 3 trillion yuan greatly this year. Finance income holds the proportion of GDP, criterion by 18 2002. 47 % fall for 16 2004. 49 % , dropped to make an appointment with two percent.
On one hand, finance is added close result from revenue grows ceaselessly. On the other hand, income of our country finance did not arrive " so rich that shed oil " degree, finance income and expenses still slants close.

Foreign trade depend on sb or sth for existence spends: Scale is reduced accordingly

Exceed the amount of imports and exports of 1 trillion dollar, make the drawing of Chinese foreign trade 2004 in those days GDP growth establishs next one's contributions in work. And the correction of this GDP gross, depend on sb or sth for existence of trade of the abroad in making is spent by be close to 70 % so and reduce somewhat.
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