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Land card will disappear in March behindhand it is not easy that owner of musica

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Sweet Valentine's Day just goes 1 day sadly, wet of a shade is angry 15 days afternoon. In bureau of Nanjing city land on the corridor of 4 buildings, many 10 owner is anxious what awaiting in corridor. . .

Origin: After encountering defer consign, red brick sealed the incident such as the door last year, recently 01-06 of musical instrument of triumphant Yue day owner met irritated worry again. Owner people after handling property right card, blocked mec housing again when bureau of Nanjing city land handles land card, the data that land bureau provides with developing business Nanjing Han Xi estate does not reach gold of land sell one's own things to did not hand in Qi Wei completely by reject to be owner of musical instrument of triumphant Yue day to handle land card. Soon the commodity house that work laboriously buys two proof are not full, fraught owner people run development business and Nanjing land bureau talk things over for many times solve. 15 days afternoon, in this station reporter accompany below, owner of musical instrument of triumphant Yue day comes to the part to city land bureau to seek a view again.

After reporter and owner of musical instrument of day of many 10 triumphant Yue are confluent at 2 o'clock afternoon, approach office of government of record of land of bureau of land of city of director branch Nanjing continuously. After this management is in some section chief to see proprietor namely vamoose, the staff member that states Han Xi is landed in the morning will filled neat material and application sent. But partial data waits for a problem not together to already instructed development business to go back revise. The expression of an owner be indignant: On this thing we do not develop business quite, because they are filling,doing cooperate us very actively on formalities. Year the staff member of bright real estate is the later Han dynasty of the year before last year material of ground of filling Qi Tu had run many times 30 land bureau, relevant section is not together always however with the data by plead. It is OK that we hope as soon as possible handle good land card, finish our wish. Another owner expresses, if be development,business and land have what contradiction between the bureau, also ought not to not do land card to let our owner become eventual victim.

After waiting about half hours, han Xi's landed staff member was taking the material after revising to hurry to land bureau again. After the examine and verify that through the ground book management is in, preparative material eventually all ready, make attendant owner finally loose tone. Han Xi's landed controller expresses, musical instrument of triumphant Yue day can deal with the weekday that passes 1-2 week to break up a graph to land. 01-06 owner people can go to Nanjing by right of small plan land bureau handles land card. The owner that this good news invited to await 3 many months is excited unceasingly, a female owner is to call to tell this good news family on the spot more.
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