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Strong snowfall raids Yantai power sea again

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Report 20 days according to Xinhua News Agency 19 when, just fine two city begin Shandong province Yantai of two days, power sea again snowfall. It is reported, snowfall basically is in centrally nightly today to tomorrow by day, upper zone can amount to process snowfall to arrive greatly blizzard. In 19 days of evening, yantai city observatory releases snow calamity orange, road frozen orange and signal of early-warning of fresh gale blue; And branch of power sea atmosphere is in urgent 19 days afternoon released snow calamity alarm and road signal of frozen and gules early-warning.
Will come on December 3 17 day and night, snowfall of Yantai downtown the city zone 74.2 millimeter, it is the snowfall of the corresponding period is most the year's harvest since atmosphere was recorded 1951; And according to major of power sea city observatory releases information to show, up to 17 days in the morning 8 when, center snowfall 4 times to make downtown snowfall reachs power of great capacity 105.6 millimeter.