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How does moon a group of things with common features buy a building to see cours

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Analysis of expert of conduct financial transactions thinks, in really more and more youths join the train that increases to attention personal property now, but also have quite the value that quantitative youth still ignores buy trade conduct financial transactions.

20~35 year old it is the age level with life the most abundant energy, also be life fortune is important accumulate period. Go up to be born in century 70 time or the young generation of 80 time, some just walked out of a school gate, duty field new personality is on the job, it is in the life " moon gens " (meaning namely Hua Guangguang of every monthly wages) ; Some love are old, marital important matter carries program, but be faced with awkwardness for lack of solid economic base however; Some established a family, there is old person support on, next having the child is brought up, assumed responsibility is heavier and heavier more. Unlike the consumptive pattern when father generation, the welfare when doing not have father generation divides a room, make money hard only improve living condition.

So, this how correct and clever conduct financial transactions, ability makes him buy course of study does not have care, raise the home not anxious, accomplish truly 30 and stand? Expert of conduct financial transactions suggests, 20~35 year old the youth is when plan of conduct financial transactions of executive buy trade, can be one cycle 5 every years, measure ground divides a phase to undertake.

The first pace: "Moon a group of things with common features " change " head pay a group of things with common features "

"Moon a group of things with common features " case: In the Xiaozheng that telegraphic branch works, this year 24 years old, college graduate already had 3 years, monthly pay 3000 yuan. Feel alarming without deposit it doesn't matter formerly, every monthly wages is spent with nothing left, because anyway beside some friends also are such. However, he arrived to begin to plan later is this when buying a house, just discover, after oneself work actually a minute of money fails to put come down, mortgage repeatedly buy a period fund with the mainest room not to pay. Vexed unceasingly Xiaozheng to oneself present financial standing is to headache very.

Expert of conduct financial transactions comments on: Actually, "Moon a group of things with common features " the on any account that real problem does not consist income, and more methods that depend on use money. 20~25 year old the first point should understand youth economy namely broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure.

"Moon a group of things with common features " turn into " head pay a group of things with common features " a magic weapon of conduct financial transactions: Master oneself fund condition, target of establish conduct financial transactions, lay in gradually, many a little makes a mickle. The job comes down a few years, also can lay next certain economy foundations, watchtower of appearance of similar small Zheng Na also won't appear to start the worry that sigh when preparing to buy a building.
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