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Riverside mouth area appoint secretary: Have diarrhoea of the brandish that take

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"New city of resident river north can be the thing that a ten graduation calculate. " on the press conference that builds new wall of modern river north in what area of mouth of Nanjing city riverside held yesterday, riverside mouth trifling appoint vice secretary, acting warden becomes Yu Xiang personally account asks a citizen to buy a room to settle to river north.
   Account: Floriferous ten minutes, the province leaves one suite
According to abb the construction process of channel of 7 transient rivers, the end of next year, of two sides of north and south of the Yangtse River of this through connection " the Yangtse River the first Sui " use investment, and according to calculating, drive to arrive from river north the river needs not to spend time only on the west.
"You can calculate calculate look, according to present river on the west house price, floriferous ten minutes of distance arrive from river north river on the west, you can save below one flatlet in river north. " Cheng Yuxiang begins to calculate a Zhang to come.
If drive from riverside mouth cross river channel to enter, give channel mouth to be able to receive a river continuously on the west, the time between this is less than 10 minutes. At present the average price of city of river north building is every square metre 4500 yuan, and river on the west building dish unit price is controlled 9000 yuan in every square metre, that is to say, buy a river the one flatlet on the west can buy two in river north.
"If you do not want to buy a house, the money that remnant comes down can buy a car not only, and the accrual in existence bank can help you had paid river fee! " Cheng Yuxiang is laughing to say, if according to every months 150 yuan cross river channel cost to calculate, one year also 1800 yuan, this nature is compared in the river expensive house is bought to want be to one's profit on the west much. Because this goes,river north new city buys a house should be a good choice, because, you are floriferous ten minutes earned one flatlet.
Affirmatory: 8 years 70 billion make new city
"A few dwellers complain the establishment of form a complete set such as the life, traffic does not follow to go up now, pass media here, I represent district government, say to we all tone is apologetic first! " asking a citizen to go while Jiang Beixin city buys a house, cheng Yuxiang says frankly again, at present the establishment of form a complete set of a few villages of riverside mouth area has not catch up with, made commitment to river north dweller to government of this his representing district.
Cheng Yuxiang says frankly, at the beginning of 2000 when, riverside mouth area became business of a few development to cover the hot ground of the room, however now look back on, although development business built so much house, common people also lives went in, but did not catch up with as a result of relevant and communal form a complete set of the government and traffic infrastructure construction, because this a few people that live in riverside mouth still feel the life is not quite convenient. Into Yuxiang speak bluntly, the life and traffic facilities do not reach the designated position, did not make common people satisfactory, it is the Zhang that district government owes river north common people.
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