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10 thousand chamber of commerce are held, nanjing 10 thousand amount to square t

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This station message on July 31, 10 thousand amount to a group " 10 thousand chamber of commerce " establish congress and new 2008 project to recommend can hold ceremoniously in Shanghai. 10 thousand amount to a group to distributing in the whole nation each are great 11 of the city new 10 thousand amount to square, sleeve couplet appear on Shanghai beach. It is reported, the delegate of brand of nearly 1000 retail, meal that come from a whole world, recreational, recreation will gather together, witness this brilliant grand meeting jointly.
Denounce endowment one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, nanjing 10 thousand amount to square (community) rise abruptly Jiang Dong
Nanjing 10 thousand amount to square (community) be 10 thousand amount to group conformity of the be a comprehensive expression of of experience of development of old mart, advanced hotel, apartment make, be 10 thousand amount to real estate of the 3rd acting commerce -- the example delegate of urban synthesis, also be the 10 thousand the most large-scale city synthesis that amount to a group to be developed up to now.
Nanjing 10 thousand amount to square to cover an area of amount to 390 thousand square metre, always invest 10 billion yuan, floor area amounts to 1.2 million square metre, it is project of Nanjing city's biggest commercial real estate. Among them, the project includes one-stop shopping centers, platinum business street of hotel of 5 stars class, travel, and office building and high-end town boarding house. The 10 thousand amounts to square to be able to satisfy people of the division that build Ye not only consumption demand of Nanjing with huge dimensions, more can radiation whole town, cause the move of centre of gravity of Nanjing trade situation.

Nanjing 10 thousand amount to square to carry water Ximen Dajie and collect celebrate door ave two main stem and old the city zone are linked together, through the edge big bridge of Jiang Donglu and CBD of abstruse body center and the Yangtse River is interlinked, it is Nanjing city advocate city and river basically transfer between CBD on the west a sector of an area, also be Nanjing construction " city the 2nd center " one of mark sex area. Periphery has nearly 20 public transportation line, it is subway of prospective Nanjing city the start that 2 lines extend a line on the west, communication is very easy. The Nanjing city whole that makes up newly plans to decide, the functional fixed position of the area becomes the river on the west Nanjing advocate the main component of dilate of the city zone. Coordinate this one program, nanjing 10 thousand amount to square general with Nanjing voice of the the largest scale, richest course of study, modern experience type consumes a concept, the urban deputy center that for Nanjing give somebody a new lease on life the collect business affairs of an internationalization, commerce, recreational travel is an organic whole.
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