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It is good that face of tripartite of the expert inside course of study invests

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Statistical data shows, this year second half of the year supply of this city office building will magnify somewhat. Here the circumstance falls, whether can be value of office building investment affected? The author is engaged in real-estate industry nearly 10 years, basis experience and research think, at present the office building value of Shanghai still is put generally in the phenomenon that is underestimated, want to pay attention to investment method and skill only, office building still is one of projects that are worth investment most at present, its did not develop prospect is the biggest reason very.
The price: Office building and residence " hang "
Current, static install unit price of edifice of the card austral the area to be in 2 - 30 thousand yuan between, and the international that is the same as a sector of an area is beautiful capital, medium unit price of triumphant city garden already was however 4 - 50 thousand yuan, taller even. The unit price of center of Zhong Chengjin be in harmony that is located in rainbow bridge developing zone is in 1.7 - 20 thousand yuan between,
Same area and a sector of an area, residential floor price instead tower above office building. To this, the author thinks, this one phenomenon is in Shanghai very much see, office building is underestimated generally, even the old labour room that unit price of office building of class of a few second still is inferior to be the same as a sector of an area, this brought an opportunity to office building investment. He is analysed, compare from rental price, card edifice, intermediate fills financial center to be able to hire 4 yuan south / square metre / day above, year hire redound is in 6 - 7% , and international beautiful, in hire of triumphant city garden is less than however 3% .

Investment proposal: Investment has a risk, before quarry property rise in value, want to consider its to protect value sex above all. Current in light of the market, the product under value of office building market appears from time to tome on the market, if average price is lower than others 10 - 20% , calculate the market to adjust 10 - 20% , so it is certain that buys office building still is had the sex that keep a cost.
Hire: Continue to maintain go up apparently situation
The office building hire of Shanghai still is rising, data shows, at present hire of office building of class of a few second is in 3.5 - 4.5 yuan / square metre / day, hire of office building of along the line of sea route of the Huaihe River is in 7 yuan basically / square metre / day above, hire of constant grand square is as high as 12 - 18 yuan / square metre / day, and demand exceeds supply for a long time.
The personage inside course of study is analysed, nonlocal enterprise is reached to swarm into Shanghai ceaselessly outside the condition, near future of hire of Shanghai office building still can maintain rise posture, shanghai government already put forward to build the conception of international banking center, the foreign capital company that is set in Shanghai to headquarters gives a series of privilege, plus the drawing near that world rich met 2010, these metropolises are stable to hire of Shanghai office building rise offer prop up strongly.
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