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Office building of insurgent high end is faced with passion of Shenzhen headquar

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The annulus in Hong Kong is an a tiny area, have the economic energy that affects half Asia however. This is the glamour of headquarters economy.
The lie between Shenzhen of one river, building up likewise this kind of force. 500 strong companies of many 160 world are here air plant, enterprise of headquarters of inside and outside of 400 family circumstances pitchs a camp here. First half of the year, in the atmosphere with global depressed economy, the international tycoon such as Wo Erma, IBM is right however Shenzhen is valued continuously, purchase the whole world the center to decide early or late dish hereat. With what cross national big company to exhibit headquarters charm together, still those be apt to pay the Shenzhen mainland company of good luck, before 6 months, only blessing cropland area held company of many 20 headquarters.

Develop the insurgent passion of headquarters economy, be permeated with the hot earth that is in Shenzhen to go up. Shenzhen city hair changes bureau concerned chief to say: "Future still will recommend a few new companies two years, add mainland to grow the enterprise that rise, predict whole town will have 800 to reach 1000 headquarters industry. Predict whole town will have 800 to reach 1000 headquarters industry..
Of headquarters enterprise set an example drive, your Shenzhen economy more Hu Hu has life.

Headquarters enterprise " gather together " 3 big areas
Courtyard of Chinese company division ever had made nationwide investigation, the result makes clear, shenzhen is expanding dominant position of headquarters economy side apparent, be in the first echelon formation together with the city such as Beijing Shanghai.
According to not complete count, shenzhen has headquarters company more than 400, distributing at the 2nd, the main industry of tertiary industy. In secondary industry, amount of enterprise of manufacturing industry headquarters is maximum, amount to 122; Bldg. headquarters enterprise 10. In tertiary industy, headquarters is most ordinal it is content shedding course of study, estate, rent and business affairs serves industry (basically manage for investment and asset kind) , financial industry. Among them, content sheds company headquarters to amount to 81.
If tag these headquarters enterprises on Shenzhen map with dot, with respect to meeting discovery, gather together of collect lake area, blessing cropland area, new and high area most dot. Thickly dotted dot, show headquarters company " gather together " situation. Have just about gradually the headquarters economy big environment with mature hasten, enterprise such hasten chooses gift together stay dot. Bureau of work of Shenzhen city trade says about chief analysis, generally speaking, finance kind headquarters enterprise chooses Luo Hu and CBD center area mostly, production enterprise, high end serves industry relatively area of partial blessing cropland, much take root of Shenzhen of settle of enterprise of science and technology at new and high area.
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