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Development business learns Liu Xiang good example

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-- give with this sincerely the development business friends of lair of city of body defect building

On August 18, 2008, in the morning 11: 50, liu Xiang quits game because of the injury,

Competition ground of Olympic Games track and field is performed the biggest, most the pathos of the shock one act,

Guest of each big media, forum, rich immediately respond to a news, guess tissue!

Press conference of Sun Haiping's coach weeps to love person,

Cropland is in charge of central official to explain a reason,

National leader is called condolatory,


Liu Xiang, one lets the name of pride of 1.3 billion Chinese, one lets the name of Asian people pride, one lets the world change the name of the look for it. Be in competition ground of world track and field, one comes from Oriental boy, overturned the tradition of the world is cognitive, from now on in the track-and-field project of 110 meters of column, character talks about Liu Xiang surely!

At the door the home, competition ground of bird's nest track and field, the 29th Olympic Games, the hope of 1.3 billion compatriots, fix eyes on in reaching applause, he chose to exit, the author clutchs wrist deeply regret, more it is understanding and support!

This is full of self-confidence, do not break humor, a little madcap even fellow, this is compared " Oriental god deer " still " god " fellow, more and more mature!

The tremendous psychology high pressure that the attention of compatriots, support and hope form, enough collapses the wing that Liu Xiang flies, dan Liuxiang is firm, his psychological quality and facing a standard is top-ranking, steel makes his heart. But pain is cruelty, came when ought not to come, to accumulate more powerful force, to fly higher, those who run is faster, insist to run with its, give compatriots disappointment, the dream of lacerate compatriots, be inferior to exiting, leave good next dream to compatriots.

He chooses to exit!

All the year round training, match, the pain following tendon that cause, affect the rate that he runs already badly, liu Xiang chooses to exit, can yet be regarded as is lifted wisely, bring the flying person figure of awkward, of a kind, lame to compatriots with its, cannot bring a vision to enjoy to compatriots with its, cannot make with its adversary become terror-stricken at the news, as the choice the next time faster surmount.

He chooses to exit!

Liu Xiang make the choice that quit game bravely, he had matured, in the process that faces all consequence that this brings, he will be more mature, and what can broad development business friend acquire on Cong Liuxiang body?

Abandon be being accomplished harder than holding to temporarily!

Development business is done " the pig is firm " it is a kind of choice, but abandon be being accomplished harder than holding to sometimes! Encounter difficult, setback, obstacle, abandon be being accomplished harder than holding to instead. This is the problem of a psychological category, when succeeding, abandon, be result retreat into the body, let virtuous, leave others to the opportunity; Abandon when it is difficult to be in, by the coronal with " timid " , " rare loose egg " . Often be development business cannot situation of real ground recognize, cannot handle the relation of external environment and subjective environment correctly, blind, meaningless, hold to without fruit ground, the place that it is a name is tired, arrived finally the brim of beyond redemption.
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