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Market of office building of the Beijing after the Olympic Games warms up increm

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Increment of office building of Beijing of second half of the year is close 1 million square metre, business affairs demand is shown, trade public figure is forecasted --

After the Olympic Games passes, domestic economy goes situation become discussion heat. Include the United States " forum signs up for international pioneer " inside the intermediary outside much home expresses, "Chinese economy will still grow continuously " ; In the meantime, the Olympic Games sponsor such as general and electric, UPS also expresses or will enlarge its to be in for chance with this China business, and the Olympic Games also was to affect brand of numerous international a gleam of to reach investment to the attention of Beijing field. Although economy grows force is main depend on main area of economy, the Olympic Games is brought great aid the view may not that turns the result to hold water, but the personage inside course of study still thinks, the business affairs that the Olympic Games causes is active, make as come China international company's indispensible yard place -- capital office building, it is mature to be located in financial market, CBD to wait especially can business affairs area, sufficient satisfy its the first class office building that office needs, will be in " hind Olympic Games times " appear continuously profit is good.

● 2, 3 quarters hire goes up continuously

Four quarters supply predicts to soar

Davis of the first peace and tranquility shows in the analytic report of the near future, in the past in first half of the year, market of office building of Beijing first class the 2nd quarter than hire rises first quarter 6.6% , rise compared to the same period 18.5% , it is the quarter with the rapiddest rate of the growth in going 7 years, among them financial market and east growth of hire of 2 annulus area shows two digit; Current the 3rd quarter, because build construction delay, office building consign is deferred somewhat, but demand keeps hearty, hire still lasts taller growth trend; And predicted the fourth quarter, before this put a quantity to will appear " erupt " , integral supply soars. And tremendous increment is meant, empty buy rate also will rise relatively.

Of Olympic Games of Beijing of not long ago hold, promoted a city image further not only, still increased the investment of infrastructure of urban whole hardware greatly, especially road surface and orbit traffic are able to promote, traffic improvement brings more business affairs activities again, what these promoted office building market secondhand is active.

"The office building market of Beijing did not experience too much excessive hype all the time before this, investment objective is opposite less, hire also compares stability all the time, whole to good, and the ascendant space that there still also can be a stability in prospective price. " Central Plains is landed Li Wenjie of president of China north area (guest of Li Wenjie rich, li Wenjie news, li Wenjie says) express, to office building market hind city trend is valued.
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