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Office building cannot rescue land market to expect reason is returned to with t

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2008 first half of the year, shenzhen land open market shares 16 residences to hang out his shingle with the ground, sell one's own things of invite public bidding, among them 8 residences are patted with ground shedding, did not shed 8 land that take basic also be clinch a deal with base price, average floor price is in 2000 yuan / square metre left and right sides, those who be less than price of average 2007 floor 5 into. The price of is located in Long Hua price fixing plot besides sell one's own things of the beginning of the year is tallish outside, the others plot is opposite the skill floor price at place, price is inferior. 3 of the sea before be located in among them residences that bind sell one's own things use the land, if calculate the investment of policy sex housing,come in, can make work floor price of the part also only 2300 yuan / square metre left and right sides, compare with the price photograph last year, drop point-blank. There are 9 among 16 ground was last year underset takes lot, sell one's own things still has 5 to encounter again this year shed mark.
The residence uses ground market low confused reason, can't attract development besides the condition of plot oneself outside business, still basically be to enter most since the four seasons was spent 2007, the government hits the determination of store up ground and strength to increase, cost of hold of development business land rises; Last from the execution of tight monetary policy and building city at the same time low fan, cause tension of catenary of development business capital, take the land without ability; In addition last as a result of building city low fan, development business confidence is insufficient, hold hard to general trends, take the land very careful.
Fortunately this is planted low confuse atmosphere to did not conduct office building to use ground market, 12 commerce that roll out first half of the year manage public land, only one Zong Liu mark. Before be being compared two years, office building trades with the ground first half of the year this year estimate marked increase. Office building has a few characteristics with ground sell one's own things first half of the year: It is plot area first-rate, there are 9 to be located in area of blessing tanaka heart in 12 ground, 3 are located in south hill mart area, no matter be right,estate company or enterprise of other legal person have very big appeal; Next, 12 commerce manage public land all is directional sell one's own things, the intercrop when the aptitude that the person buys to contest in condition of sell one's own things, cession that registers share of rate of capital, for private use, for private use gave strict restriction, 5 are the legal person company that faces negotiable securities, insurance, 3 face company of the sources of energy, power, 1 faces telegraphic company, the industry is oriented very apparent; The 3rd it is land price more favourable, a ground floor price of area of blessing tanaka heart control in 7000 yuan, 10 ground that clinch a deal, all clinch a deal with base price, although be open sell one's own things, but because of set taller contest buys a doorsill, of land attributive it is renown flower has actually advocate. Can see to attract more negotiable securities, insurance company establishs legal person headquarters in Shenzhen, the central position of industry of establish Shenzhen banking, the government is used in construction those who comparative give to give aid to on the ground.
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