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God enters enlarge to allow drive into opening of ground Nanjing new market

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At the beginning of this month, annual " Forbes chinese mainland is optimal commercial city a list of names posted up " announce, nanjing row the 4th. "Forbes chinese mainland is optimal commercial city " research target is chinese mainland 652 cities, mix through dimensions of capital energy, market the integrated appraise through comparison of the multinomial index such as quality of quality of latent capacity, labour force, senior talented person, management cost, reached final rank. Forbes is to the evaluation of Nanjing: As have rich culture involuntary discharge of urine to put the chiliad ancient capital that accumulates with deep history, nanjing is showing the one side of her youth vigor to people.
The business street of new market opening that regards core of Nanjing trade business affairs as the area area, it is the key sample book that researchs Nanjing commerce, such evaluation, to block of trade of new market opening, undoubted appropriate.
New 100 advocate the building seals the plot such as top, Xinhua News Agency to tear open change to go well, country the reshipment of home appliance tycoon such as beautiful, Su Ning, 5 stars upgrades, Cultural Festival of vogue of new market opening is intense prepare... since this year, group of trade of new market opening is releasing signal of force of yield results in work ceaselessly.
If why achieve the progress of higher level on more expensive platform, issued an area to undertake deepness survey to this in vain, area appoint clerical Liu Pinggui puts forward, block of trade of new market opening wants government " flourish most flourishing, have development most the most civilized and latent capacity, clean " the target accelerates stride. According to this one requirement, trade group construction was set foot on formally new the drive of round of great progress.
System innovates, make flourish most flourishing block
As 249 meters of height advocate the building seals a top, new the commerce of 100 companies carries archives to upgrade to also be in the program. New flood of honest of 100 companies general manager teach says, new new of 100 skirt building brand-new fixed position will be collect life is changed, vogue is changed, of an organic whole of integrated melt into shop recreational center, the 8 skirt building in the program sells in field, taste besides the name, outside the commodity sale such as outfit of house of cosmetic, fair maiden, men and women, along with loses first floor, there are 5 to deserve to have the recreational scope of operation such as city of meal, shadow in whole skirt building. And go up in the category of commodity, new new 100 also will introduce international big card, promotion class, a batch of international one, merchandise of second line brand already with new 100 reach cooperative intent, include dress, general merchandise, watch, cosmetic to wait among them. After predicting these projects are finished in succession, new 100 will show before broad citizen with brand-new mode and figure.
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