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Nanjing strategy: 70 billion make new city of north of river of 150 square kilom

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"You buy a house to river north, abb passageway of 7 transient rivers once be open to traffic, go advocate the city went to the lavatory, house price is cheap still now. " October 13 " Jiang Beixin city building sets a press conference " on, riverside mouth trifling appoint vice secretary, acting warden became Yu Xiang to make river north with this tongue-in-cheek word " advertisement " . And the backside of this word, it is government of riverside mouth district a when intense plan carries out great project -- make new city of north of river of 150 square kilometer.
Exert oneself makes new city of north of river of 150 square kilometer
From " Jiang Beixin urban district " arrive " Jiang Beixin city " , did the backside that catchword changes hide after all why to plant mystery? Actually, government of riverside mouth district already prepared to be built according to the standard of a modern city, and this and the look of Jiang Beixin urban district that offer before this are compared " the change that produced to pledge " .
Cheng Yuxiang says: "What is there in a city? Center of university, hospital, trade, and all sorts of communal form a complete set of the government, these will appear in Jiang Beixin city. River north new city will present everybody a whole urban idea. River north new city will present everybody a whole urban idea..
And in Jiang Beixin city inside limits of 300 square kilometer, differentiate in all by the program piece 8 form a delegation greatly. Existing bridge north forms a delegation, new and high form a delegation, Jiang Pu forms a delegation to already all took shape, the others is core with carrying hill center on the head to form a delegation 5 form a delegation greatly, add up to 150 square kilometer, distributing to be taken in Pu Zhu road and edge river industry between, big bridge of the Yangtse River since north, south to the Yangtse River 3 bridges, this also is the region that key of prospective riverside mouth makes.

"Carrying hill center on the head to form a delegation is the core that future builds, business affairs area will be born here in the center of Jiang Beixin city. " Cheng Yuxiang says. However, business affairs area is not easy thing in the center of construction, be in especially at present city building establishment belongs to blank basically to carry a mountainous area region on the head, its difficulty no less than a wall is built on flat.
To this, into Yu Xiang the explanation says, choose to be near top hill, because this area is prospective abb,be point of fall of north of river of big bridge of 3 the Yangtse River, had had the absolutely advantage on river traffic, and bridge north and Pearl River town had had respective development pattern at present, at the same time very a mountainous area region has along the line of longer the Yangtse River, locally also as it happens is in each forming a delegation central a sector of an area, facilitating program and construction.
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