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Final black Wu Hu! Bright and beautiful be filled with an edifice to add a scene

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The peaceful interview of the river of haing heart abdicate of new York, London the west lake of the black Wu Hu of the yellow Pu Jiang of person river, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou... appear every city is being built want in development " it is adjacent with water.

This, likelihood and person substantially " hydrophily " about. Accompanying the water area that wave light billows, these bank the calling card that water a person of extraordinary powers makes place city with the landscape that sees hard curtilage and honor.

Black Wu Hu " receive an official " make

Black Wu Hu ranks first of the lake in Nanjing city, make jointly with adjacent Zhijinshan give a natural big oxygen, make the treasure land that Nanjing citizen lives, the person that superexcellent appropriate resides an environment to let buy a house cannot be defied.

Regard Xuan Wu as the living project that lakefront is approved to develop finally, bright and beautiful be filled with an edifice (community) not only " draft relying on water " , make a product more meticulously, not negative black Wu Hu " receive an official " renown. In the selling office piece of person that the surname buys a house express, the son was born last year, there is an opportunity after can thinking of to wait for him to be brought up buy the house by black Wu Hu, lai Jinying edifice (community) the under one's name that buys to be put in him, "Also be us to give him ancestor produce " .

Introduce according to selling office personnel, the landscape of superexcellent a sector of an area, out of print, top class character and subway property this 4 large dominant positions most client place is valued.

Far more than is a black Wu Hu

Hill of hill of black Wu Hu, Zhijinshan, lion, act government office, coming 3000 is the absolutely leading role of natural landscape in Nanjing city all the time, because a lot of residences draw near firstly and social status is extraordinary, and in bright and beautiful be filled with an edifice, one lake 3 hill are the life setting before every window only however.

"Left hand is flourishing, the right hand is quiet. " have the natural beautiful scenery such as black Wu Hu not only, be located in in the center of Men Yingbin highway the first bright and beautiful be filled with an edifice, was to join more Nanjing advocate two aorta of the city: Paradigmatic driveway and central road, channel of proximate black Wu Hu, subway a line, the group of central door trade that has a person to enrage extremely and group of Shanxi distance trade overlap here.

"Those who buy is bright and beautiful be filled with an edifice, those who have is whole Nanjing. " bright and beautiful the sale controller that is filled with an edifice is very self-confident to this. (HOUSE365 Luo Yan)

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"Without all corners of the country, still have river of great capacity; Without river sea, still have brook pool; Whats are done not have, that creates a small water area. That creates a small water area..
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