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Riverside mouth area appoint secretary: Have diarrhoea of the brandish that take

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"Owe the Zhang of common people, we should be returned for certain. " in cast piece use 8 years of time, expenditure makes riverside mouth division 70 billion yuan " new city of modern river north " after plan, cheng Yuxiang gives commitment on behalf of district government, new city construction will follow the principle of fundamental go ahead of the rest strictly. And the principal content that Jiang Beixin city will build henceforth, should make new city namely everywhere " appropriate is resided " . New building dish periphery, it is OK to provide the requirement provide the requirement radiation arrives include to shop, the infrastructure such as medical treatment sanitation, traffic, education, community. And area of grown-ups and children goes out new also will carry out quickly, by the government contributive, new to including all old old villages inside riverside mouth area to undertake going out in the round.

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