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Third quarter turnover increased substantially leased office space in Guangzhou

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Recent stock market oscillations, limited residential purchase, control of interest rates, investors in commercial property investment is also made a question mark. Jones Lang LaSalle by the end of October has just released the third quarter research report commercial properties in Guangzhou, Guangzhou's retail market continued strong demand for high-quality shops, major shopping centers continue to improve occupancy rates. Grade A office space, the expansion of the domestic banking and financial industry momentum continues to remain active. Regulation of the residential market and being compared to commercial property trading transactions warming. Centaline Engineering Research and Marketing Director Liu Guanghao shops that reach far from the commercial real estate "bubble" critical line. In general, shops, offices most of the trading season in the second half of each year, in the current policy environment, commercial real estate development should be more vibrant, I believe the fourth quarter, the market heat will be greatly exceeded expectations. Retail rents rose 2% 0.2% lower and lower vacancy Jones Lang LaSalle reported that shops in the existing vacancy rate continued to decline and the overall retail market, driven by growing sales, the third quarter of 2010, rents continue to rise, growth of 2% percentage points year on year increase of 9.9%. Guangzhou's retail market demand for high-quality popular shops, major shopping centers in Guangzhou current occupancy rates continue to improve this quarter at 3.3% vacancy rate of about 0.2 over the previous quarter percentage point. New deal for tenants to foreign brands. Some updates completed project re-opened this quarter, for example, Grandview Plaza is located in the GRANDVIEW KIDS PARK, and bring some new brands such as Toys R Us and so on. China continues to expand domestic demand in the context of expected future rental needs, whether domestic or foreign brand brand, still will remain strong. Some new brands, will continue to seek opportunities to shop in Guangzhou. Although the future supply more, pushing up the level of vacancy rates, but most of the future of the vacant space in the new project. Expected increase in demand will offset the pressure on rental supply, the overall level of rent will be driven by a number of mature projects continue to grow. Prices, the Central Plains real estate monitoring data show that ten District, Guangzhou City, is currently the primary retail transaction price is close to 40,000 yuan / square meter, with the promotion of the Games, there is further room to rise. Significant increase in office leasing transactions Grade A office space in Guangzhou third quarter net absorption in the overall market rose to 20 million square meters. On the one hand, domestic demand continues to maintain strong growth enterprises, particularly in the domestic banking and financial sector, expansion of the momentum of activity, accounting for the majority of large leasing transactions. On the other hand, benefit from the ideal pre-pre-leasing rate of new properties completed in the quarter recorded a good rental rate. As the market demand for active, even if the new properties in the quarter of 20 million square meters, the overall vacancy rate continued to decline to 13.2%, a decline of 1.1%. While the office will be completed next year, the supply pressure, but the overall market environment to remain so that the bargaining power of owners, continue to ring the third quarter, average rent rose 1.6%. Third quarter turnover warming commercial properties, mainly in the overall Kaisa Square and the Pearl River New City for sale office space for sale more dispersed ownership type. Among them, the financial sector and large private enterprises for their own use demand still dominant. The third quarter of the average capital value of Grade A office space rose 5.8% qoq. Medium to long term, Guangzhou supply of Grade A office market office rents surge in the trend is still restricted. Some developers to adopt a flexible rental and trading strategies, to some extent ease the upward pressure on vacancy rates, rents are less likely to drop sharply.