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Seamount Valley invites you Dramas Guoxue 103,175 square meters of office space

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Chinese Feng Shui, also known as geomancy, and currently living environment science, originated in the original period. Feng Shui is the practice of human beings living in long-term accumulated valuable experience. December 18 invited countries Valley seamount top feng shui master, Mr. Guo Qichang pupils to learn, to work with you on the Road Dramas Guoxue tea. Mr. Guo Qichang is currently Vice President of Chinese Confucianism, the International Academy of Architectural Design geomancy, Management Centre to learn the National Federation of National Studies senior lecturer at the Colleg e visiting professor of Kyushu. Guo predecessors from Mr. Wu Shuquan to learn, a lifetime commitment to the Chinese culture, easy to learn, communication, practice. December 18 14:30 - 16: 30, Valley Marketing Center at the seamount, Guolao will gather together with you to share the essence and the essence of feng shui. Seamount group as a new effort to build the 2010 masterpiece, seamounts Valley project is located in the Wuchang District, Wuhan Hongshan Square, in the South and the North Road junction, with a total construction area of 13 square meters, the region came together to target the peak value of the city , set 5A office buildings, commercial brands, such as high-end residential multiple formats in one group, to create highly differentiated high-value urban complexes. The sea in the construction process [About Us News] Mountain Valley Mr. Guo Qichang invited international feng shui master throughout the guide, build gas gathering Hannaford place, set in the North new coordinates [What's New Price Unit Review]. Based upon the high quality, high standards and high style [What's New Price Unit Reviews] the design, people-oriented concept, the use of packaging century stone facade, 10 meters high-ceilinged hall of noble design, double the lobby still experience the typical, modern Chinese garden ornaments groups to build "private sharing" space; the introduction of high-tech smart new air system, the end of the water purification systems, geothermal, solar and other new energy saving and environmental protection is still leading the product [What's New Price Unit Reviews] life. To resources from the capital, from power to authority, from technology to architecture, and both show its economy Sheng, political pulse of the thick, quality ahead of the scarcity of seamounts in the Valley as the Hongshan Square, the city sold a comprehensive reflection of the world has been fully Yao debut, the current official residence of seamounts 5A Valley 103-175 m office handed down the city for sale.